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The magic trick of glass fogging is to remove

"when driving to work in the morning, there is often fog on the car glass, especially in rainy days, which greatly affects the line of sight. Although the cold air of the air conditioner can remove the fog, the temperature in the car is too low. Is there any good way to solve it?" Recently, Ms. Wu, the owner of the car, sent such a help message to the evening news car weekly. In fact, many car owners have also encountered the problems Ms. Wu encountered, and many car owners have also figured out their own demist tricks. Now, let's see how everyone removes fog

method 1: demist with the cold air of the air conditioner

demist with the cold air of the air conditioner is the favorite way for Mr. Wang, the car owner. He said that if the front windshield of the car is foggy, turn on the cold air of the car's air conditioner to the maximum gear, and adjust the hair dryer to the front windshield at the same time. As long as it takes a while, the fog will be eliminated, and then turn the cold air of the air conditioner to the minimum gear, so as to keep the front windshield free of fog

comment: Mr. Wang's move is simple and convenient. The only disadvantage is that the car is mainly "frozen", but for safety, it's worth freezing for a while

method 2: external circulation demisting

Mr. Zheng's demisting method is simpler. He said that when the glass fogs, turn on the external circulation of the car and blow the windshield directly. After a while, there will be no fog on the glass. After there is no fog, turn on the external circulation and turn on a small wind. In fact, the demisting principle of this method is similar to that of the leading method, which is to keep the temperature inside the glass consistent with the outside world, so that water vapor will not condense and water mist is not easy to appear

comments: using external circulation for demisting is also relatively simple, which is less expensive than using air conditioning for demisting, but the effect is not very fast, so it will take a while. If the external environment is poor, it should not be used if there is much dust

method 3: demist with detergent

the demist method of Miss Wang, the car owner, was learned from her friend. The method is also very simple. A small bottle of detergent and a clean and soft rag. When the glass is fogged, it is also an important parameter for selecting and evaluating materials and formulating process procedures, such as flip over packaging boxes and plastic trays; Squeeze a little detergent on the rag on the metal research, add a little water, and then wipe the windshield evenly, which can effectively prevent fog condensation. Apply detergent once, and you can usually use it in heaven. This method is also applicable to the rearview mirror. When it rains, apply a little, which can effectively remove the water mist

comments: detergent is a surfactant, which can prevent water vapor from adhering to the glass surface. Although this method is very simple, it takes a certain amount of time. In addition, detergent is a chemical substance, which is easy to damage the car membrane when used too much

method 4: clear the fog with eggs

Mr. Che claimed that the fog removal method was even better, it was actually egg white. Mr. Zhang said that he was also worried about the fogging of car glass before, and later asked everywhere about the method of demisting. At first, I also tried to use detergent, but later I felt that detergent was a chemical substance, which was not very good. Finally, I learned from an expert that egg white can also remove fog, so I tried it and found that the effect was really good. He said that there is usually a little egg white left in the egg shell we throw away when cooking. As long as we use a brush to evenly coat the egg white on the windshield, it can be kept for days

comments: using egg white to remove fog is really excellent, which is much more environmentally friendly than using detergent. The problem is that if there are no scrambled eggs at home, it will be a little troublesome

method 1 generally stipulates three hardness test methods of cloth, Rockwell and vitamin V: glycerol + alcohol demisting

Mr. Zhu, who is engaged in the food processing industry, also has his own demisting tricks. He mixed some alcohol with glycerin, which is usually used in the food processing industry, and then painted the mixture on the car glass. The anti fog effect is also very good. Mr. Zhu said that the best concentration of glycerol is 60% - 70%, and the best concentration of alcohol is 30% - 40%. This proportion has the best effect

comments: Mr. Zhu's demisting method is quite professional. Although the effect is very good, it is not easy for ordinary car owners to master and it is troublesome to operate

method 6: special antifogging agent

the owner Mr. Yu's method to solve the glass fogging is to use the antifogging agent sold in the supermarket. Usually, as long as the antifogging agent is sprayed on the windshield, and then wiped clean with a towel, it can prevent fog. This antifogging agent is generally sold in large supermarkets or car beauty shops, and the price is not very expensive

comments: this method is simple and convenient. The disadvantage is that it costs money. It is also a chemical substance. It is obviously more cost-effective to use detergent to remove fog

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