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Reduce paper consumption in thermosetting web offset printing (I)

through gray balance adjustment

a key element of systembrunner system is gray balance adjustment. Overprint the three primary colors of yellow, magenta and cyan in a certain proportion to get a neutral gray tone. This system can accurately record the color deviation

quick evaluation system

a five-star evaluation system informs printers of the current production quality standards. The evaluation criteria of system Bruner are the smallest, cyclical, commercial, rich and best. Each grade is represented by the stars - one star is the lowest standard, and five stars are the highest

continuous detection

in addition to displaying the achieved quality level, the achieved value is displayed in hexagonal form on the monitor of the console. This provides printers with continuous information about the current level of printing quality

color ring: a closed ring

the whole measurement and analysis system is integrated into a closed ring. By using 30 addition items of information obtained from the control bar, the ash balance can be continuously adjusted

this fully automatic color calibration enables printers to respond quickly to coefficient changes, such as reducing or increasing ink supply before increasing or decreasing ink supply has a great impact on print quality during startup or production

this not only means higher printing quality, but also has a significant effect on reducing paper waste. The use of closed ring is also beneficial to production and startup. Automatic color approval enables the system to achieve balance faster

color calibration in the production process

in the production process, the color adjustment system is very effective in preventing paper waste. The system will react before the printer finds the quality change caused by parameter change. The system pays special attention to the process influencing factors, such as temperature change, rubber blanket soiling and ink fluidity change

control of dynamic inking

it is particularly difficult to set the process with a dot area coverage of less than 20% of the opening of the ink scraper. It takes a long time to make the system reach stability and desired quality. In order to be particularly suitable for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials at extremely low temperature and speed up these processes, a setting calculation method is very useful for the case that the opening of the scraper is less than 20%, which is subject to the fact that the moving beam does not touch when it rises and falls: so it has a faster response to the new value. Using this new method, the opening of the ink scraper initially exceeds the nominal value, so the closing is lower than the nominal value, and finally reaches the nominal value setting

since the ink is excessive at the beginning and then reduced, the new setting will work quickly, so the system will soon reach balance

waste diversion leads to repeated waste

in the production process, there are some typical reasons for waste, and some are repeated waste. The two main wastes are paper roll replacement and blanket cleaning

in order to retain more good prints as much as possible, waste diversion control can be achieved when these processes are carried out. When prints pass through a special point, only a predetermined number of copies are diverted

diversion when changing the paper roll

if a roll of paper has been changed, when the waste is close to passing through the printer, the diverter port is opened only before the first waste arrives. Once the first good print arrives, the diverter is closed again, and the qualified copies counter starts counting again

determine the quality

the distance between the folding machine (negative folding fan) and the waste diverter is determined by different transmission devices. The startup program sends a signal to each transmission process, so that the number of discarded copies can be set. The system calculates the number of copies between the folding machine and the waste diverter

window technology

from the perspective of use, in order to ensure that waste products are indeed separated, the range before and after waste products can be named "front window" and "rear window"

before and after adjustment, the printer can immediately connect the appropriate button on the printer and start the switch. The waste diverter can be opened or closed on the console or folding operation panel

three operation modes

process such as paper change, and completely automatically divert waste products

in the semi-automatic mode, the diverter will open automatically after the number of copies is determined. In this case, the diverter can only be manually closed by integrating the manufacturer's production, sales and service on the console or folding operation panel; Or close it directly on the diverter. If waste products are produced due to some obstruction in the printing process, the manual operation mode is generally used in this case

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