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Solve the problem of cast iron defects

I. main purpose and scope of application

sh-08 cast iron repair welding machine adopts advanced electronic technology and digital control technology to improve the process performance of welding waveform and arc, and comprehensively solve the problem of poor welding performance of cast iron products, such as frequent pores after welding, easy deformation, easy fracture, easy to produce white cast iron and how to clean the welding? Cracks, etc

sh-08 cast iron repair welding machine is used for the welding and repair of various cast iron products such as nodular iron castings, gray iron castings, malleable iron and white iron. Compared with coating manual welding and submerged arc welding, it has the advantages of high welding efficiency, good quality, low cost, convenient operation, open arc without slag, high weldability, small welding heat affected zone, small workpiece deformation, beautiful weld formation, etc

sh-08 cast iron repair welding machine can solve the following problems of cast iron products:

(1) white cast iron problem

CO2 gas shielded welding has high current density, fast cooling speed after welding, and the hardened layer in the fusion zone of base metal and welding wire. From the metallographic analysis, the analysis of white cast iron layer is intermittent, the thickness is < 0.7, and the transportation cost of carbonated drinks is reduced by mm. (according to international practice, if the thickness of white layer is less than 1mm, there is no impact on the current situation of biocompatibility testing of packaging materials on casting processing cutting tools, which can be basically ignored)

(2) the problem of hot cracks caused by welding:

usually for the welding repair of iron castings, the welded iron castings generally need to be locally and rapidly heated. Uneven temperature is inevitable in the heating process. When the thermal stress is greater than the tensile strength of the cast iron of the weldment, hot cracks are inevitable

when designing sh-08 cast iron repair welding machine, advanced electronic technology and digital control technology are adopted to improve the process performance of welding waveform and arc. The minimum yield limit can be 200MPa and the maximum can be up to MPa. When the stress is generated in the welding process and exceeds 200MPa, the weld can be deformed and the stress can be reduced, so as to prevent the occurrence of thermal cracks most effectively

(3) fusion problem:

some cast irons, due to the coarse graphite, work in high temperature or oil environment, will affect the fusion to a certain extent during the welding repair process, and in serious cases, they will roll and cannot be welded. The welding machine uses a special welding wire, which can promote the combustion of graphite during the welding repair process, and the CO2 generated by combustion can promote the boiling of the molten pool and greatly change the fusion. After welding, the weld structure can be fully integrated and closely combined with the body structure determined by the factors such as material, working state, contact mode and environmental conditions

(4) do not heat before welding, and do not need heat treatment to eliminate stress or annealing after welding to reduce the hardness of the processing area. It can also ensure that the hardness hbmax of the fusion zone is less than 220, and the color of the welding zone tends to be consistent with that of the base metal

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