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The valve market competition is fierce, localization needs to be developed

the valve market competition is increasingly fierce, and some layout modes with multiple curve boxes can be switched arbitrarily. The market of ordinary valve products has been saturated, and supply exceeds demand, which makes the development of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more difficult. Even products with high technology content are highly competitive in the international market. The competition in the valve market is becoming more and more fierce. Some ordinary valve products have been saturated, and the supply exceeds the demand, which makes the development of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more difficult. Even products with high technology content are highly competitive in the international market

at present, China has been able to provide heating valves, environmental protection valves, construction valves, etc. in the valve market, with many varieties. However, in the field of high-pressure valves, we still rely on imports, which is also the field where China's valves need to make breakthroughs in the future, so as to really promote the development of China's valve industry

with the accelerating pace of restructuring of the valve industry, the competition among enterprises in the valve industry in the future will be the competition between valve product quality and safety and product brands, and the products will develop in the direction of high technology, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and high life. Under the huge demand environment, the domestic valve manufacturing industry will also show a better development prospect

in recent years, China's valve industry has developed rapidly, which is affected by factors such as raw materials and labor costs. The export and market share of products continue to expand, and gradually become an important production base and main product sales market of the industry. There are many control valve factories in China, which are small-scale, lack of core competitiveness, and low concentration of enterprises, so it is difficult to have an impact on the international market. The electronic tensile testing machine designed by the Scientific Research Institute of filabot company, which is similar to this, restricts the healthy development of the valve industry to a great extent

since last year, the localization of high-end valves has been extremely bumpy. At present, basic parts have become a short board that restricts the development of China's manufacturing industry to high-end. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the government will continue to strengthen the localization of high-end equipment parts. Here we select several representative valves in key development industries mentioned in the implementation plan for feasibility analysis of import substitution (such as petroleum, power station, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, mining, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, energy, sewage treatment, etc.). From the analysis, we can see that the feasibility of valve import substitution in various sub industries varies greatly, and high-end valves need more policy guidance and scientific research support

on the one hand, the external market continues to be weak, on the other hand, the comparative advantage is weakened under the influence of the rise in comprehensive costs. The whole domestic valve equipment manufacturing industry is facing a painful period of industrial structure adjustment. Valve is a product with low profit margin. In the market, our team will develop "inorganic modified high molecular materials" according to the "1025" national strategic emerging industry development plan of the State Council. The competition is very fierce. At present, China's valve industry is a labor-intensive industry, and China's valve industry is still dominated by volume expansion. Although there are more and more valve products from China flowing in the international valve market, the voice of the international valve market is not in the hands of Chinese enterprises. Wang Lixin said

if China's valve industry wants to have long-term development, it must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, not only continue to give full play to the advantages of the traditional valve industry, but also vigorously develop knowledge and technology intensive industries and emerging industries, so as to promote the upgrading of pressure reducing valve, plug valve and regulating valve industries. Only in this way can we shorten the gap between China's valve industry and developed countries as soon as possible

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