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Valve products should be endowed with new concepts and images to form their own characteristics

generally, we mainly consider its material, structure, mechanical strength, working performance, service life and other elements in product design, and generally use these indicators when evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of valves. With the development of the times and the progress of society, the idea of "people need the coordination of power grid" has penetrated into all aspects of social life

generally, we mainly consider its material, structure, mechanical strength, working performance, service life and other factors in product design, and generally use these indicators when evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of valves. With the development of the times and the progress of society, the idea of people-oriented has penetrated into all fields of social life. We can obviously feel this change from housing, cars, computers, clothing and various public facilities. They carefully consider the feelings of consumers in every detail from the aspects of safety, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, novelty, beauty and so on, reflecting their love for people

obviously, humanized design should not be limited to the category of daily consumer goods. As a mechanical product with large quantity and wide range, which is widely used in industry, agriculture and national defense and is closely related to people's daily work, valves should not always be limited to traditional design ideas and methods, but should explore new ideas and inject new ideas

when analyzing foreign advanced products, in addition to various technical performance indicators, we will pay attention to its beautiful shape, exquisite structure, clean inner cavity and exquisite details. For example, in order to prevent secondary pollution, even the blowdown valve does not use asbestos containing packing and gasket. For example, in order to avoid the operator's hand being scratched, the connecting bolt ends of the flange are processed into arc surfaces, and so on. The differences in these specific details should arouse our deeper thinking: why should it do this? How could it think of doing this? The conclusion can't be attributed to the humanized design concept. Understanding from this level will make our product design no longer stay in the simple first stage, but from the perspective of ergonomics, study and think from many aspects, such as more safety, reliability, energy conservation, environmental protection, cleaner production, comfortable and convenient operation, easy disassembly and maintenance, so as to endow this traditional product with a new concept and image, Form their own characteristics

II. Pay attention to the progress of material science and apply new materials, new technologies and new processes to valve products in a timely manner

with the progress of technology, high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic, high vacuum, strong corrosion, radioactive, highly toxic, flammable and easy to burn in industrial production, Jinan new era Gold Tester Co., Ltd. has produced experimental machines in the industry for more than 10 years, and other high parameter complex working conditions are increasing, thus affecting the safety of valve use The reliability of function and service life have put forward higher and stricter requirements, so the development of various valves suitable for high parameter working conditions has naturally become a common concern of the valve manufacturing industry, engineering design departments and users, and the main technical obstacle to solve the problem is often the material

material science is considered to be one of the most promising disciplines in the new century. In recent years, many new high-performance materials have emerged, such as various nano materials, superconducting materials, functional materials, organic synthetic and polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and various composite materials. At the same time, many casting, welding, spray welding, spraying, composite There will be no new technology and equipment for molding and surface treatment such as sintering with high noise. Paying close attention to the information, trends and achievements of material engineering research and development and applying them to valve products in time is an important technical way to develop high-performance and high parameter valves. It is particularly worth mentioning that inorganic non-metallic materials, represented by industrial ceramics, often achieve good results when used in temperature, corrosion and erosion resistant valves

third, integrating information technology and artificial intelligence technology into valves and realizing integration is a new way of technological innovation

in the current era, information technology is developing rapidly, and information and intelligence are constantly changing the appearance of industrial and agricultural production and people's social life. As the terminal actuator that controls the fluid movement in the pipeline, if the modern computing technology, sensing technology, network and remote control technology and intelligent technology can be implanted into the valve products, the valve will be given a brand-new concept, resulting in a brand-new structure and working mechanism completely different from the original products, so as to realize the real upgrading of the valve products. In recent years, this aspect has taken shape in regulating valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, steam traps and other products. For example, the spring-loaded safety valve is the most widely used safety valve at present, but with the large-scale and high parameterization of the production device, this type of safety valve is difficult to meet the requirements of production in terms of structural size and reliability. If the pressure sensing element is installed in the safety valve to control the rapid opening and closing of the valve, the safety valve will be a new mode. For another example, there are many types of steam traps at present. Their working principle is to use the differences in temperature, density and flow rate between steam and condensate to realize the opening and closing of valves through complex mechanisms to complete the function of gas blocking and drainage. A new type of steam trap is to integrate the components that can identify gas and liquid with the valve to control the opening and closing of the valve. The new type of steam trap designed according to this idea has been reported abroad

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