The hottest van changed lanes and knocked down the

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The van changed lanes, knocked down the battery car, and the mother and daughter nearly fell off the bus wheel

29. This fact, especially the high-level information, has been rapidly developed in recent years. When the machine was not in use, at 15:45 on the 1st, Mr. Xu called: there was a car accident at the intersection of Chengde road and Huaihai East Road. A van wanted to change lanes from the fast lane to the slow lane, and as a result, it knocked down a pair of mother and daughter riding battery cars. Breathtaking, next to a bus, mother and daughter were caught between the van and the bus. Fortunately, the bus brake in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable

when they arrived at the scene, the traffic police were dealing with it at the scene, and the battery car was still lying between the bus and the van, and the body was seriously damaged. The distance between the bus and the minibus is only more than one meter. Fortunately, both mother and daughter are OK. At present, the specific cause of the accident is being adjusted. Have you ever seen a material that can be converted like flytrap 1? Recently, Chinese researchers have developed a polymer material that can be converted and restored to its original state

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