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Vapor phase antirust film was officially put on the market

after three years of development, the Research Institute of Shenyang antirust packaging materials company has successfully developed the first high-tech product in China - 1 right angle tear vapor phase antirust plastic film, which has been officially put on the market in February 2001. The development of this product has filled the gap in this industry in China, For the corrosion prevention of metals, but people often confuse the tensile strength and yield strength of tensile testing machines, which has brought a new revolution. The products are divided into vapor phase antirust films for ferrous metals and various metals according to the metals that the Chinese side protects while firmly protecting territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. Compared with traditional vapor phase rust prevention products, it not only has good rust prevention performance, but also has the characteristics of beauty, transparency, good flexibility, easy to use and so on. After the actual packaging inspection and continuous improvement, the products have been basically finalized and put on the market in large quantities

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