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Term explanation: packaging paperboard

paper and paperboard are mainly distinguished according to quantity and thickness, but the specific boundary is not very clear. Generally, paper with a ration of more than 200g per square meter or a thickness of more than 0.3 mm is called paperboard. The raw materials of paperboard are basically the same as that of paper. Because of its high strength and easy folding, it has become the main production paper for product sales and packaging cartons. There are many kinds of paperboard, and the thickness is generally between 0.3-1.1mm

Through modular R & D and innovation, the R & D cycle of new products is shortened to the greatest extent.

Manila paperboard

is a light yellow paperboard made of chemical pulp and ground wood pulp, which is used for the mixed coating of chalk powder and starch. In fact, it is called coated Manila paperboard

white paperboard

is made of chemical pulp and waste pulp. There are ordinary white paperboard, white paperboard for noodles, kraft pulp white paperboard for noodles, etc. There is also a kind of white paperboard made of chemical pulp, also known as high-grade white paperboard

yellow paperboard

refers to the low-grade paperboard made of screw pulp with cooling system, which is produced by lime method with straw as the main raw material. It is mainly used as the box core pasted in the carton for fixation

cattle constitute an innovative system in line with the development characteristics of China's new material industry. Leather paperboard

is made of kraft pulp. Those hanging kraft pulp on one side are called single-sided kraft paperboard, and those hanging kraft paperboard on both sides are called double-sided kraft paperboard. The main function of corrugated paperboard is called Kraft linerboard, and its strength is much higher than that of ordinary paperboard. In addition, it can also be combined with water-resistant resin to make water-resistant kraft board, which is mostly used in the collection packaging box of beverages

composite processed paperboard

refers to the paperboard made of composite aluminum foil, polyethylene, oil proof paper, wax and other materials. It makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary cardboard and has many new functions, such as oil proof, water-proof, fresh-keeping and so on

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