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The commercial application project of ternary integrated rubber SIBR has passed the appraisal

the commercial industrial test and tire application promotion project of ternary integrated rubber (SIBR) jointly undertaken by Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch, Sinopec Beijing Chemical Research Institute Yanshan Branch and Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute has recently passed the expert appraisal organized by Sinopec Group. Experts believe that the project fills a gap that the upper limit of China's synthetic rubber industry is not higher than the full range, and is of great significance to improve the performance and quality of China's tire products

ternary integrated rubber is a copolymer polymerized with styrene, isoprene and butadiene as monomers. Its performance is better than traditional emulsion styrene butadiene rubber and solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber. It can better take into account the grip, rolling resistance and wear resistance of tires. It is an ideal new type of rubber for automotive tire tread. At present, only Goodyear tire and rubber company of the United States has realized the industrial production of SIBR, and Japan Synthetic Rubber Company and Zeon chemical company are entering some major special machines, such as exhaust extruder, tandem disc screw extruder, reciprocating pin screw extruder, foaming extruder, extruder with melt gear pump, tandem multi-stage extruder Planetary screw extruders are manufactured by domestic manufacturers for industrial trial production of SIBR

this time, the three units jointly developed two brands of products - random oil filled integrated rubber sibr2535 and non oil filled block integrated rubber sibr2505, which have successfully passed the industrial scale-up research. Among them, the basic performance evaluation, practical formula research, tire trial production and finished tire test of the pilot rubber and industrial rubber of the product were carried out by Beijing Rubber Institute, and good results were obtained

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