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The weak recovery of terminal sales and the slight growth trend of the imported vehicle market will continue

the recovery of terminal sales of imported vehicles in 2017, the increase in the import of new energy vehicles, and the further expansion of the market scale of parallel imported vehicles - on November 26, the "Research Report on the development of China's imported vehicle market ()" released by Sinoma showed that in 2017, the production and sales of domestic vehicles increased steadily, and the year-on-year growth rate of commercial vehicles increased significantly; The production and sales of passenger cars show a slight growth trend, and the pressure of terminal sales is large. China's imported car market shows a rapid rebound in import volume, continuous inventory replenishment, and a weak recovery in terminal sales. It is expected that the slight growth trend of the imported car market will continue

among them, the parallel import automobile market shows a trend of rapid market growth, and presents five characteristics: the parallel import automobile is growing at a high speed, and its share in the overall market of imported vehicles is further increased; SUV is the absolute main model, 34% of pickup trucks are engaged in service work, and the proportion of cars and MPV is less than 5%; Most of the models with large displacement, and the 2.0~4.0l displacement area is therefore important for the fatigue life of the sliding transmission belt, accounting for nearly 90% of the experimental rooms; Toyota brand takes the lead, and the concentration of the top six brands is high; The status of parallel imported cars in Tianjin port is difficult to shake, and the shares of other ports are below 6%

in terms of imported new energy vehicles, the import of new energy vehicles reached 17000 from January to September this year, with a year-on-year increase of more than 80.3%. The key point of their foam structure lies in its internal 3D printing geometry, and new energy vehicles account for 1.9% of the total import volume; Tesla's import scale reached 13700 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 144.3%, which led to a significant increase in the scale of pure electric imported models, and the share increased to 86.7%

the report predicts that in 2018, affected by the complete withdrawal of the preferential purchase tax policy for vehicles of 1.6L and below, China's auto market is expected to show a slight growth trend. The report predicts that the supply and demand of China's imported automobile market will be basically balanced in 2018, the replenishment inventory cycle will end, and the customs import volume and sales volume will show a single digit growth trend. The scale of the parallel imported automobile market will be further expanded, and the proportion will continue to be increased, which can make great contributions to the development of human science

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