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Terex has achieved greater growth in its strategic transformation

Terex has achieved greater growth in its strategic transformation

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after a series of strategic adjustments in recent years, Terex has begun to transform from a global construction machinery manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing enterprise engaged in lifting and material handling solutions, The company's business has thus gained greater room for growth. Terex China's business has also achieved steady growth in the adjustment. In the future, Terex will continue to take root in China, actively participate in China's industrial, transportation and urban infrastructure construction, promote the localization of products, improve local R & D capabilities, and enhance China's strategic position in Terex's global development landscape

the transformation of Terex began in 2009, when Terex merged with the Italian port machinery manufacturer fantes group (including its production base in Zhangzhou, China - Xiamen Noel port lifting equipment company), and then merged with Demag industrial crane company; The mining equipment business was divested in 2009 and the mining truck business of Terex Equipment Co., Ltd. was divested in 2014. Terex once occupied more than 75% of the mining truck market in China; The divestiture of the mining truck business marks Terex's withdrawal from most of its mining business. After a series of adjustments, the company has established a new business division - material handling and port solutions business division, and formed five business divisions with aerial work platforms, construction machinery, cranes, material handling and port solutions, and material handling business division. The products of these five divisions cover nine product categories, including aerial work platforms, mobile cranes, tower cranes, industrial cranes, port equipment, insulated electric work equipment, material handling, crushing and screening, and small construction machinery. In the market it serves, nearly 80% of its products rank among the top three in the world in the industry; The company's business covers the world (40% in North America, 30% in Europe and 30% in other regions); Share core businesses and resources efficiently during operation. The development strategy is to manage the global business as a whole, simplify business procedures and improve financial efficiency. In 2013, Terex's global revenue maintained growth, reaching US $7.08 billion. Terex's global operating revenue continued to grow year-on-year in the first three quarters of 2014, of which 5% to 10% of its sales revenue came from China

since the establishment of a joint venture in China in 1988, Terex has been committed to business expansion in China. It has successively established imported and domestic joint ventures in Baotou, Changzhou, Shanghai, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, and has reached a number of sole proprietorship and joint ventures. Terex is a reliable global supplier of "safe production" equipment. In terms of product standards and construction safety standards, Terex cooperates with the State Administration of work safety, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and relevant industry standard setting institutions to participate in the formulation of relevant standards. Terex actively provides high-tech, low-cost, green and environmental protection solutions for the construction of pillar industries such as China's industry, transportation and urban construction. The fourth 3200 ton crawler crane sold in China has successfully signed a contract with Shaanxi chemical construction, which has become another milestone for Terex and the entire world crane industry. Terex also emphasized the localization of products and research and development. Changzhou factory has now made all products of genie, and the export of Changjiang crane has increased significantly year-on-year. Quanzhou factory provides oil and electricity hybrid mobile material handling equipment popular with domestic users, and Zhangzhou factory provides a variety of mobile port machines and other port equipment

Terex is committed to taking root in China for a long time and developing together with China

Trex China memorabilia in 1988, it established a joint venture with China ordnance industry group, Inner Mongolia North Heavy Truck Co., Ltd.

in 2006, and a joint venture with Sichuan Changjiang Engineering Crane Co., Ltd.

in 2007, it first integrated its Demag, Guinness and other businesses in China

in 2008, set up a global procurement center in Beijing

in 2008, and set up an aerial work platform production base in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Production of Genie aerial work platform

in 2009, during the global financial crisis, it merged Italian fantes group, an outstanding manufacturer in the field of port equipment, including its Chinese production base in Zhangzhou, Xiamen Noel port equipment company, into its Chinese business

In 2010, it established a joint venture with Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. Terex Nanfang road machinery (Quanzhou) mobile crushing equipment Co., Ltd.

in 2010, it acquired 65% of the equity of the engineering crane manufacturing part of TOPONE group and established Terex TOPONE (Shandong) heavy duty manufacturing Co., Ltd.

in 2011, Terex established Terex financial leasing (China) Co., Ltd. in 2012, Terex Changjiang also introduced a new strategic partner, China National Machinery Industry Group

206. Curve mode: Tension: force elongation, stress-strain; After 13 years of force time, elongation time and strain time, Volvo Construction Equipment Company acquired Terex equipment limited, a subsidiary of Terex head office, which is the second largest shareholder of northern heavy truck Co., Ltd., with a shareholding of 25.16%

in 2014, Terex increased its 65% equity of Terex topneng (Shandong inserted one end of the steel bar to be bent into the gap fixed by the turntable) heavy manufacturing Co., Ltd. to 98%, and changed its name to Terex crane (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It plans to introduce German Demag technology to produce crawler cranes to serve customers in China and overseas markets

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