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Terex participated in the Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition to compete for the "the Belt and Road"

Terex participated in the Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition to compete for the "the Belt and Road"

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the world's top 500 Terex reached strategic cooperation with relevant departments in Xinjiang a few days ago, It will participate in the "5th China Xinjiang international construction machinery, construction machinery and transport vehicles Expo" (referred to as "Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition") held by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Terex is an equipment manufacturing enterprise engaged in hoisting and material handling. It has aerial work platforms, construction machinery, heavy machinery, material handling and port solutions and material handling business units. On March 28, the vision and action document for the construction of the "the Belt and Road" have been formulated. Terex hopes to expand the central and Western Asian market by participating in the Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition

"the Belt and Road" has attracted wide attention since it was proposed. "The Belt and Road is one of the most visionary strategies", said Doug oberhelman, chairman and CEO of caterpillar, at the opening ceremony of the 40th anniversary celebration in China held by caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd

it is understood that the upcoming "the Belt and Road" plan will include a detailed list of major projects, planning projects to be signed and started in the next few years, involving hundreds of major projects such as railways, highways, energy, information, industrial parks, etc. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of experimental machines for many years. In the projects that strive for new construction in 2015, China's surrounding friendly neighbors occupy the main body, and the China Tajikistan highway phase II, Karakoram Highway and Gwadar Port Projects in the direction of central and South Asia will be unveiled. The list is concentrated in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and other neighboring countries. As a key undertaking area, Xinjiang will become the forefront of opening up

a marketing worker at Terex should first consider whether the main body of the experimental machine is installed vertically. The operator said: "Xinjiang has a large market, and we are very optimistic about Xinjiang. We have participated in Xinjiang Construction Machinery Expo continuously, and the area is getting larger and larger. Those who win Xinjiang win Central Asia. Xinjiang Construction Machinery Expo has brought us many customers and orders, and we are looking forward to further cooperation with them."

the author learned that Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition was held on July, 2015. It is a large-scale equipment exhibition held by Xinjiang government departments based on the engineering construction and machinery market in Xinjiang and Central Asia. The exhibition is hosted by the economic and Information Technology Commission of the autonomous region, the Department of transportation, the Department of housing and urban rural development and other departments, and cooperates with Central Asian countries. It integrates equipment display, new product promotion, and Summit Forum, creating conditions for enterprises to develop the markets in Xinjiang and Central Asia. It is the preferred platform for construction machinery enterprises to expand the market

it is understood that Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition and Beijing Construction Mechanization Research Institute will hold the first China Construction machinery industry chief engineer forum in Urumqi, Xinjiang. China Construction Machinery Industry Association and China Academy of Building Sciences are specially invited to deliver speeches at the forum to introduce new products for the "the Belt and Road" equipment manufacturing industry and improve the development process of the "the Belt and Road" construction machinery industry

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