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Terminal demand weakened, hydrogen peroxide fell precipitously

according to the monitoring data of business agency: after the golden ninth and silver tenth, the hydrogen peroxide market began to fall precipitously in November, and the price continued to fall, from 101 The elasticity coefficient, that is, the definition of Young's modulus of elasticity: the ratio of the normal stress component to the normal strain in the same phase, the highest price in the month was 1450 yuan/ton, which has fallen by more than 200 yuan/ton. As of November 9, the price of hydrogen peroxide had fallen to 1283 yuan/ton, down 11.49% from the beginning of November

according to the monthly rise and fall chart of hydrogen peroxide in 2020, the price of hydrogen peroxide in the first 10 months is still falling more or rising less. The decline in February and April is larger, both of which are more than 10%, and the decline in March, may and August is relatively small. Prices rose mainly in January, June, September and October, with the largest increase of more than 30% in June

after June, the equipment will rust again in July, and the oxygen water price will continue to decline by nearly 9%. The decline slowed down in August, and the price will decline by about 2%. With the arrival of the golden nine, the silver ten has arrived. Hydrogen peroxide rose by 15% in September, more than 35% in October, more than 30% in June, ushering in the highest point in the first ten months

on November 9, the commodity price index of hydrogen peroxide and caprolactam was 191.91, down 14.41 points from yesterday and 12.42% from the highest point 219.12 () in the cycle, compared with the lowest point 89 on January 29, 2019 85 points, up 113.59%

in October, the inventory of caprolactam decreased, the supply decreased, and the raw material pure benzene increased, the downstream demand for caprolactam increased, the upstream and downstream support was strong, and the price of caprolactam rose. Since November, the inventory consumption of raw material pure benzene has been slow, and there is still pressure. The downstream follow-up is insufficient, and the enthusiasm is weakened. With the restart of some enterprises' devices, the supply of caprolactam increased, the market weakened, the enthusiasm for hydrogen peroxide procurement decreased, and the hydrogen peroxide market was suppressed

on November 9, the price comparison index of hydrogen peroxide and corrugated paper was 191.15, down 12.92 points from yesterday and nearly blank in most places from the highest point of 246.00 in the cycle (); On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years by 22.30%, up 77.75% from the lowest point of 107.54 on January 29, 2019

in October, the corrugated paper was driven by the stock market of "double eleven", and the price soared all the way, stimulating the market of hydrogen peroxide to rise. In November, the stock market of the paper mill ended, the corrugated paper market gradually stabilized, the price rise was weak, the demand for hydrogen peroxide purchase became weak, and the hydrogen peroxide market fell sharply

Li Bing, an hydrogen peroxide analyst at business club, believes that: the golden nine silver ten of hydrogen peroxide has passed, the terminal demand has declined, the manufacturer's downtime and maintenance have been completed, the supply has increased, the market has fallen endlessly, and the momentum for the sharp rise in the future market is still insufficient

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