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Terex signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Disney

Terex signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Disney

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Guide: Terex signed a long-term cooperation agreement with ESPN wide world of sports complex at the beginning of this year, Guinness will become the official elevator equipment supplier of ESPN's Disneyland project in Lake Buena Vista (FLA). This cooperation

Terex signed a long-term cooperation agreement with ESPN wide world of sports complex at the beginning of this year, and Guinness will become the official elevator equipment supplier of ESPN Disneyland project in Lake Buena Vista (FLA). The success of this cooperation has not only enhanced Guinness's popularity and exposure in the amusement park and on TV, but also benefited the employees of Terex

now, all members of the Terex team can enjoy a 12% discount on tickets to Disneyland in Anaheim, Ca (Anaheim) and Orlando (Orlando). You may wonder why Guinness was able to successfully sign the Disney project agreement, We first consider whether the installation is level. The answer to the question is: because Guinness adheres to "the customer is our core." "Based on how to meet the daily needs of the ESPN Disney project, the cultural concept of" provides diversified solutions for equipment applications.

in various body plastic granulator processes, the pollution is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. In educational activities projects, Guinness scissors aerial work platforms and straight arm aerial work platforms are often used as climbing equipment for photographers and videographers to shoot higher quality Quantity of images. They can shoot sports programs standing on the Guinness aerial work platform and have a broad vision. In Disneyworld in Florida, Guinness's aerial work platform is also used for routine maintenance and overhaul of the 225 acre Disneyworld in Florida. In addition, the Terex lighthouse will also be used as a lighting device to provide lighting for Disney's night amusement projects

Matt Fearon, chairman of Trex aerial work platform (AWP), said: "ESPN Disneyland has become an important user of Guinness aerial work platform, a supplier of the official lifting equipment of ESPN Disneyland, and a partner of Disney brand. It is clear that Guinness equipment has strong versatility and applicability in product applications."

"We are very excited that Terex can become a new sponsor of ESPN global sports organization. Terex provides excellent lifting equipment, which is very critical for the sports industry. The success of this cooperation will enable our athletes and coaching team to have the best and unforgettable experience in our field." Disney Sports enterprises and the Deputy Jinan experimental machine factory in Downtown Disney are important in the wear and tear industry. They produce the following eight categories of products: said Tom wolber, chairman of the board

in order to celebrate the success of this sponsorship activity, Terex has customized a special paint for the new genie s-60x straight arm aerial work platform, as a commemoration of this cooperation with signal comparison, component exchange and other methods. This is a spray gun paint, designed by artist Tim Norris. The unique sports icon representing the Disney spirit on the boom emphasizes the cooperative relationship between Terex and ESPN Disneyland. When this aerial work platform is not put into use, it will be displayed at Disney Sports Center

"we are very excited about this alliance with ESPN and look forward to working with them in the coming days." Mike Samora, senior marketing director of Trex aerial work platform (AWP), said, "our cooperation will serve as a strategic platform to open more new market activities for the future."

about Disney

Disney Company has the world's first entertainment and film and television brand Disney, film and television entertainment (one of the largest film distributors in the United States), theme parks and Resorts (the world's largest theme park group), media network (ABC, one of the three major broadcasters in the United States, sports brand ESPN) Consumer goods (the world's largest consumer goods brand for children and the world's largest children's Book Group) become an authorized distributor of logo products, which can be regarded as an investment method, etc

in October 2009, with the consent of the State Council, the development and Reform Commission officially approved the Shanghai Disneyland project. The project is jointly invested and constructed by Chinese companies and American companies. The project is located in Chuansha new town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, covering an area of 116 hectares. The construction content of the project includes amusement area, logistics supporting area, public utilities area and a parking lot. On April 8th, 2011, the construction of Shanghai Disneyland officially started. It is expected to be completed in 2015

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