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China has implemented the national standard of water intake quota for five key industries including papermaking. The national economic and Trade Commission and the National Standardization Administration jointly issued the national standard of water intake quota for five key industries including power, petroleum and petrochemical, steel, papermaking and printing and dyeing on January 6

according to CCTV, the national standards for water intake quotas for five key industries released this time will be officially implemented on New Year's day, 2005. Experts estimate that the water intake of the five key industries will be the largest market for plastic processing machinery if packaging can meet the national standard, and 6billion cubic meters of new water can be saved every year, accounting for about 17% of the current industrial water intake in China

it is reported that China's industrial water use is mainly concentrated in five key industries: power, petroleum and petrochemical, iron and steel, papermaking and printing and dyeing. In 1999, the water intake of these five industries reached 77.2 billion cubic meters, accounting for 66.6% of the total industrial water intake

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