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China's cotton imports will hit a 13 year low

the US government forecast data shows that China's cotton imports will fall to the lowest level in the past 13 years. Because China's domestic cotton use is declining and competition from foreign producers is intensifying, China is reducing its cotton stocks

the Foreign Agricultural Service Department of the US Department of Agriculture said in a report on Tuesday that Chinese factories would import 5.75 million bales of cotton from overseas in the 12 months from August 1

the above import volume is 31% lower than that one year ago, and is the lowest since. China's cotton production will also decline, with only 25.3 million bales expected. A year ago, China's cotton output reached 29.9 million bales

it is reported that a pack of cotton weighs about 218kg

The macro cracks that have been formed have gradually and slowly expanded

in the past two months, cotton prices have fallen due to concerns about weak demand. In particular, the Chinese government is trying to reduce cotton stocks near record highs in the face of slowing economic growth

sid love, President of sinuous modulus service company, said in an exclusive interview that the expected import data would hit cotton prices

he said: "this is another sign that China's real GDP growth is lower than the official data. This is also the reason why Bayer's chairman, whose demand is further declining, said that he would consider any attractive offer to acquire the material technology business."

USDA will update global cotton supply and demand statistics on September 11. In August this year, the Department estimated that the annual cotton export volume of the United States would reach 10million bales, the lowest level since, compared with 11.2 million bales a year ago

last week Barclays said that China may stop importing fiber and may become a net exporter of fiber. Facing the adverse factors of foreign competition and polyester price decline, China's textile industry is shrinking

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