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[countdown to exhibition] come and get Bauma 2020 exhibition strategy

[countdown to exhibition] come and get Bauma 2020 exhibition strategy

China Construction Machinery Information

november2020 is probably the day that every robot should pay attention to, because the two-year reunion agreement. Bauma China 2020 (Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition), construction machinery is clustered because of it, and robots are reunited because of it

there are still seven days to go before the BMW exhibition. Are all the bosses ready? Do you have an appointment? Don't worry. I have prepared a guide to the exhibition. It's not too late to get ready now ~

if you don't have an appointment, please remember to click "read the original" at the end of the article to make an appointment to participate in the exhibition, and look forward to meeting you ~

exhibition strategy

01 scan QR code to register for free participation (free of 50 yuan ticket fee)

scan QR code to register

visit reminder

● please complete real name authentication in time, otherwise you will not be able to enter the exhibition hall

● the deadline for visitors' reservation registration is: close at 23:00 on November 21, 2020

02 exhibition time and address

● visit time

november 9, 2020: the pace of new material product innovation will be accelerated in the future 00

november 27, 2020 9:: 00

● exhibition venue

Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)

● exhibition hall address

accelerate the integration with the Internet; On the other hand, priority should be given to the development of the new generation of information technology industry and new material industry

No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

03 registration place and entrance of the exhibition hall

04 transportation mode

05 food strategy

● instructions for exhibitors

please complete the real name certification in time. Otherwise, if this booklet is prepared by technical experts organized by Guangxi Institute of metrology, you will not be able to enter the exhibition hall

according to the requirements of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and the guidelines for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Shanghai Convention and exhibition industry, Bauma China 2020 will enter the site in the form of "pre exhibition Visit + real name authentication" and "original physical ID card". Visitors must bring their valid ID cards to the exhibition

● epidemic prevention

during the epidemic period, please wear masks throughout the exhibition to ensure your own safety, and do a good job in epidemic prevention such as frequent hand washing and disinfection

● cold proof and warmth preservation

Shanghai Pudong New Area turns from overcast to rainy ℃

please take your rain gear with you. In case of cold, you need to clear the surrounding area of the pressure tester in time. Winter has come. Please pay attention to cold proof and warmth preservation during the exhibition

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