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Country garden marches into the robot industry, focuses on high technology and opens up a new battlefield for the diversification of real estate enterprises

every time Wei Qiong and Zhu Yu use the SSGF technology to improve the working environment of construction workers and realize environmental protection construction. With the acceleration of the pace of Intelligent Manufacturing in country garden, the future country garden may move towards the era of "unmanned construction", and robots will replace manual labor as the main "labor force" in construction sites

on September 8, the Shunde District Government of Foshan City held a signing ceremony with Guangdong bozhilin robot company (hereinafter referred to as "bozhilin robot"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of country garden group, to announce the official implementation of the robot Valley project

it is understood that the robot Valley project is only one dimension of country garden's robot business. The research directions of country garden robots include robot restaurant, SSGF project, intelligent factory robot Valley and chips. Country garden will fully enter the robot business and realize the application of robots in housing construction and other fields. In the near future, country garden robots will enter the medical, agricultural, construction, cooking and other major industries

with the implementation of the robot project, country garden will add another member to its diversified businesses. Following the property service, modern agriculture and the integration of industry and city, the robot project will provide linkage support to the real estate industry. In the future, Country Garden owners will live in houses built by robots

in order to enhance competitiveness and find new performance growth points, the real estate industry has launched a new round of diversified business competition. From the perspective of diversification of leading real estate enterprises such as country garden and Evergrande, the high-tech industry will become a new battlefield for diversified businesses of real estate enterprises

enter the robot industry

in July, 2018, country garden entered the robot field and carried out high-tech business layout around the main real estate industry. According to the tianyancha information, bozhilin robot was incorporated on july17,2018, with a registered capital of 2billion yuan and Yang Wenjie as the legal representative. Under the penetration of equity layer by layer, bozhilin robot is controlled by Lijing Development Co., Ltd. (Lijing Development), and the actual control of Lijing development is in the hands of Tianxian Fenghuang optimization Commercial Co., Ltd., which can greatly extend its application life

according to the data, in August, country garden registered four bozhilin related enterprises with yangwenjie as the legal representative, involving industrial investment, intelligent manufacturing and robotics

country garden said that based on its main business needs, country garden is committed to developing the robot industry ecology in the new field of intelligent manufacturing, and also hopes to do something for the progress of the national intelligent manufacturing field

since 2013, China has become the world's largest industrial robot application market. In 2014, the sales volume reached 57000 sets, with a year-on-year increase of 56%, accounting for 1/4 of the global sales volume. At the same time, we must face up to the problem of China's technology and intelligent manufacturing capacity. It is urgent to improve the level of robots and occupy more markets

in order to solve technical problems and master core technologies, country garden robot company has not only established the tensile test of robots and hair: the experiment is mainly used for the R & D and manufacturing departments of core technologies related to the manufacturers of shampoo, hair dye and gel, but also established extensive cooperative relations with well-known universities, R & D institutions, enterprises and high-end talents at home and abroad

since the recruitment started in July, bozhilin robot has attracted more than 70 doctors from famous universities at home and abroad, such as Oxford University, Columbia University, University of science and technology of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and so on

in the future, country garden will build a robot Valley in Shunde, which is planned to be completed in 2023. In the future, 10000 world-class robot experts and researchers will be introduced

backed by Country Garden Group, country garden robot business will have strong financial support. According to the investment plan of country garden, at least 80billion yuan will be invested in the robot field in the next five years, and robots will be more widely used in the construction industry, community service, living and other scenes

the era of "unmanned construction" may be coming.

according to the data released by Country Garden earlier, the future R & D direction of country garden's robot business will include service robots, special robots, core parts, automatic guided transport vehicles, IOT/artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing systems. In the future, country garden robot products will cover cooking, cleaning, construction, agriculture, warehousing, logistics and other aspects, covering all major fields of daily work and life

at the 2018 interim performance conference, Mobin, President of country garden, expressed the hope that robots would become the core business of the company in the future, and the robot business of country garden could be coordinated with the real estate business

from the perspective of the robot projects and product directions currently being developed by country garden, the synergy between the robot business of country garden and the main real estate industry is largely reflected in the aspects of construction, decoration, community service, etc

realizing robot building is the wish of yangguoqiang, chairman of the board of directors of country garden group. Over the years, country garden has been committed to promoting the improvement of the construction level of the industry, developing and promoting SSGF construction technology, improving the working links of construction workers, and realizing environmental protection buildings. Robot building will greatly reduce the dependence of the construction industry on manpower. Senior real estate practitioners said that perhaps in the future, Country Garden owners will live in houses built by robots

as the largest developer in China, country garden's robot business has broad application space. In the first half of 2018, country garden achieved a contract sales amount of 412.4 billion yuan, and 1991 domestic projects have been signed or delisted. There is a huge potential demand for construction robots, and country garden may enter the era of "unmanned construction" in the future

at the same time, country garden's property, new retail, modern agriculture and industry city integration strategies all have great demand for robots. Insiders believe that the application of robots in various industries will enhance the sense of service experience

wangchaofeng, the founder of Shanghai Xixin Information Technology Co., Ltd., believes that under the background of intelligent manufacturing advocated by the state and the development of robot industry in the ascendant, the construction robots and service robots planned by bozhilin robot have internal needs and development prospects in the country garden industrial ecosystem. At the same time, country garden has a relatively sound and complete robot application practice scene in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of real estate, which can be used as a support to enter the robot industry

new battleground for real estate enterprises

over the past few years, major developers have begun to transform their models and seek new performance growth points around the main real estate industry. After years of cultivation, the contribution of property services and community commerce to the performance of real estate enterprises has gradually increased. At the same time, a large number of diversified businesses are still in the investment stage and statistics, and have not yet entered the harvest period

with increasingly fierce competition and drastic changes in the external environment, major real estate enterprises have launched the second round of transformation. Vanke focuses on urban operation and accelerates de real estate. "Being a good farmer and planting good land" is the new vision of Yu Liang, chairman of the board of Vanke. Evergrande focuses on high-tech industry and enters into new energy vehicles. As the "king of scale" in the industry, country garden takes both sides into consideration. It not only wants to be a good farmer, but also focuses on high-tech industries to serve the better life of the city

from the perspective of the new round of transformation of real estate enterprises, the number of implants required for fracture fixation is considerable: for example, the high-tech industry has become a "sweet cake" in the eyes of real estate enterprises. At present, China's high-tech level has a large room to rise, which means that new enterprises can better share the dividends of scientific and technological development while improving their scientific and technological level. Science and technology will change life. Developers will transform into urban operators to serve a better life. It is inseparable from the support of high technology. High technology will become a new battlefield for the transformation and competition of real estate enterprises

yudingshan, chairman of mengteng intelligent equipment, believes that intelligent manufacturing represented by robots is the transformation direction determined by the domestic manufacturing and service industries at present. Robot intelligent manufacturing solutions in most industries of the manufacturing industry have not been popularized and have great potential

in order to obtain core technologies and enhance competitiveness, localization of robot core components is unavoidable. Enhancing core competitiveness through mergers and acquisitions has become a new wave in the current robot industry. According to the data, in 2016, 48 companies in the global robotics field made acquisitions; In 2017, the M & a boom in the robot industry continued unabated, with 20 M & A cases of domestic companies (mostly listed companies) in the first half of the year alone

industry insiders believe that country garden robot will realize the localization of core technologies through acquisition and merger in the future, so as to realize the rapid improvement of scale and competitiveness

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