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Shanghai whole house wardrobe customization. In daily life, everyone has heard of all kinds of furniture, so how much do you know about it? Which one is more reliable is the problem that we are more concerned about

in daily life, everyone has heard of all kinds of home furnishings, so how much do you know about them? Which one is more reliable is the problem that we are more concerned about

the home decoration industry has a huge market prospect. The expanding market capacity is the basis for the development of the home decoration market. Furniture is a big cake, waiting for more investors to come to share. Choosing the home decoration industry is equivalent to choosing a project with good market environment, low cost, low risk and high income. How can investors not be attracted

complaints about wardrobe consumption in 2016:

it can be seen that there are many complaints about the quality and after-sales service of wardrobe products. When people's living standards reach a certain standard, the requirements for home are getting higher and higher. It is not only a living space, but also needs supporting emotional intelligence and considerate services while having a high-quality product. Hannover's high-end customized wardrobe is based on the needs of Chinese families and changes according to the situation. We have built a standardized service system, improved customer service standards, and let consumers get a better service experience

two channel expansion to improve service quality

conform to the trend of e-commerce, expand online and offline integration, give full play to the advantages of physical stores and e-commerce platforms, and realize the integration of stores and networks. Free warranty service to provide consumers with more considerate after-sales service

customer files enjoy lifelong service

each customer will have an exclusive file and will continue to enjoy customer follow-up, repair and maintenance services provided by staff

the return visit system shows value

after the installation of the wardrobe, regularly conduct a satisfaction survey on the quality, product layout and space utilization of the customer's wardrobe through phone calls or door visits, and teach maintenance skills

the communication platform listens to the voice of customers

in addition to communicating directly with the staff of local franchised stores, customers can also communicate and feedback with the customer service department if they have suggestions and opinions. To this end, the headquarters has established a 24-hour customer service line to cooperate with the annual customer quality service month to carefully address the needs of customers

the after-sales service of the wardrobe is a complicated and trivial process, involving a wide range of areas. To improve the quality of after-sales service, the key is to start from within the enterprise, which can be achieved through management, product quality and standardized service. The fundamental solution to the problem lies in improving the service awareness of enterprises. We very much hope that China's wardrobe industry can quickly improve the current situation of the industry, improve the level of after-sales service, and use the system to ensure the service quality of consumers from the core interests of consumers

in terms of popularity, product quality, reputation and characteristics, Hannover high-end wardrobe customization has laid a good foundation for wardrobe manufacturers. Custom wardrobe manufacturers only need to prepare the investment amount to carry out the decoration of the store and wardrobe investment. After the establishment of the store, Hannover high-end wardrobe customization will provide activity support and training support, such as employee training: provide skill training and new product knowledge training for clerks, sales, installation workers, designers and management personnel; Technical guidance: set up full-time technicians to answer and solve various technical problems encountered in the process of product installation for dealers; After sales guidance: provide perfect after-sales service guidance documents, effectively find and solve product quality problems, ensure product quality, and so on, so that wardrobe merchants can be relieved, assured, and intimate

these are the whole room wardrobe customization introduced by Xiaobian ~ I hope it will be helpful to you ~ of course, Xiaobian will continue to collect strategies for China's whole room wardrobe customization, and will share them with you in the future

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