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people who have decorated their houses know that decoration is no small matter. It is related to the quality and convenience of future living. According to the decoration experience provided by the owners, Xiaobian summarized some common sense of decoration. It is said that 80% of people don't know oh

1. There must be a porch and a super large shoe cabinet when entering the door, in order to avoid the shoe season change

2. There should be a wardrobe when you enter the door, so that you can easily change home clothes and coats. In addition, you can put clothes you don't want to wash after wearing them once

3. The solid wood floor feels good but needs maintenance, and the composite floor is easy to clean

4. The cleaning of solid wood floor is not as complicated as expected. Remember to reserve soft mops and change them every day (this bathroom needs to be involved)

5. The side table is easier to use than the tea table in front, and it also saves space and is convenient to clean

6. Never use carpets. It's very tiring to clean

7. Don't design all partitions without doors. The reason is the same as above. It's very tiring to clean

8. Don't hollow out all the screens for the same reason

9. The bright wooden floor is difficult to take care of, the matte one can't see the gray, and the bright one has a hair that is too dirty

10. The footstool must be able to store things, so that the messy things can be put away without wasting space

11. The color of the floor should be slightly light, and it is not easy to see gray

12. It's best to install a ceiling fan in the restaurant, which is super comfortable

13. The lamp must not be flushed. Wait for dust to accumulate after hanging it

14. Invisible doors are useless, and it's troublesome to open them for ventilation

15. The dining table doesn't need to be too large. Most of the time, we eat in the living room watching TV

16. The partition board of the shoe cabinet should not be the head, leaving a little space so that the ash of the shoes can leak to the bottom

17. The sockets of toilets and air conditioners should be designed with switches. In particular, the toilet electric water heater should have a two-stage switch with one plug. If you want to turn off the electric heating, it is dangerous to unplug

18. In the final analysis, the treatment method of the external corner of the face brick depends on the level of the workers. If the level of masonry is good and the tools for grinding ceramic tiles are good, you should not hesitate to choose the method of grinding 45 degrees. From the effect point of view, as long as the grinding is good, the external angle of 45 degrees is the most beautiful! If the level of workers is really not good, then you'd better choose to use the external corner bar, because the 45 degree angle with poor grinding is not as good as the effect of using the external corner bar

19. The pressure test of the water pipe after draining the water pipe is also very important. During the test, you must be present, and the test time should be at least 30 minutes. If conditions permit, it is best to be an hour. The test can be passed only after 10 kg of pressure is applied and there is no reduction at last

20. When making plastic steel doors, we must calculate the size of the plastic steel door frame protruding from the wall, and inform the installer to make the final door frame and the wall pasted with porcelain chips flat, which is both beautiful and hygienic

21. The carpenter's door pocket and the Mason's tiling should be coordinated. When folding the door pocket, we should consider whether the floor below (either side of the floor on both sides of the door) should also be tiled or leveled with other cement mortar, because if the door pocket is nailed before tiling, it will be wrapped to the floor. When using cement in the future, if the cement and the door pocket are stained, it will cause the door pocket wood to absorb water and mildew

22. The bottom of the mattress and the bed board must be breathable. The bed board is usually made of fir wood

23. Try to use paper tape as much as possible for painting

24. When buying lamps and lanterns, you should pay attention to: generally, try to choose glass, stainless steel, copper or wood (shelf) as much as possible. Generally, don't buy any iron, which is plated with other coatings or paint, which is easy to fade

25. Ceramic basins should be used as much as possible, while glass basins are difficult to clean

26. Water and electricity transformation should be planned by themselves, and they are required to slot in a straight line. I watched them draw lines and slotted them all according to the lines. Each item should be checked and accepted by yourself

27. Waterproof must be done well, and water must be tested

28. Many verbal agreements during construction have become a gap that has been slaughtered during the settlement. They must be written in black and white, and the price of increased and decreased items must be asked clearly and written out

29. If the floor is installed, the ground should be re made with cement layer and re troweled

30. It is better to make a wooden rail door for the kitchen door

31. Install as many power plugs as possible in the living room

32. Partition should be made outside the shower in the bathroom. It's not easy to pull a shower curtain. It's actually very inconvenient. Water flows all over the floor

33. Choose materials with fine wood grain for doors and frames

34. Before installing the cabinet, be sure to confirm whether the waterway of your home is OK

35. Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles must not be white

36. Pay special attention to plastering Dulux on the ceiling after plastering the putty

37. The number of lights in the living room should not be too many. It's better to be concise, otherwise it's like a lamp shop

38. Buy those things that need to be installed, and try to require the installation of the goods sold. It really doesn't cover the installation, and you must insist on paying the full payment after the installation

39. During the decoration period, take the business cards of manufacturers and merchants you collected before with you

40. The protective film of aluminum gusset plate should be removed before installation

41. It is better to use shutter door in shoe cabinet to prevent odor. A socket can be left beside the shoe cabinet to insert the shoe dryer

42. A small lamp can be installed in the place where the vegetables are cut

43. If it is convenient, the restaurant can also arrange air fans, so that the ceiling of the restaurant will not be dirty when eating hot pot or doing barbecue

44. It is best to arrange a cabinet for sundries at the door, which can be placed on the top of the shoe cabinet. Put commonly used things, such as umbrellas, bags, scissors, change, often taken drugs, etc. there, so it's very convenient

45. There is no need to use expensive ceilings at all. If you are not worried about moisture and oil smoke, it is recommended to use moisture-proof gypsum board to brush waterproof paint. If you must use aluminum gusset ceiling, it is recommended that:

① it is not too expensive

② it is good to use pure colors, especially the kitchen ceiling. Unless the colors match the decoration style, it is easy to be inconsistent

③ it's important to keep your eyes on the scene. Don't let them be careless, otherwise they will leave black cracks, which will make them look ugly

46. The exhaust holes of the range hood and water heater should be punched before the ceramic tiles are pasted. If the holes are punched after the ceramic tiles are pasted, it will be inconvenient. Therefore, before decoration, you must choose a range hood, stove and water heater to determine the size of the hole

47. Considering that the customized cabinets are beautiful, but not durable, cement can be used as the frame, ceramic tiles are pasted on both sides inside and outside, marble is paved on the table, and wood is selected for the hanging cabinet and cabinet door to make a cabinet. The cabinet made in this way is strong, durable and moisture-proof, and the cost is not much

48. When pasting tiles, you must pay attention to the following points:

① you'd better be on site

② some imperfect ceramic tiles can be pasted by workers in some invisible positions, such as cabinets, washdesks, and the back of mirrors. It is also important to note that flower tiles, waist tiles, etc. should not be pasted by workers in the above positions, otherwise you will not see anything in the future, and you will spend money wrongly

③ the soaking time must be enough before the wall tiles and floor tiles are pasted

④ be sure to plug the floor drain with something to prevent it from being blocked by falling cement

49. The ceiling light in the bedroom should be double controlled, one by the door and one by the bed, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and turning off the light again

50. The height and spacing of sockets must be calculated

51. When installing lights in the restaurant, we should consider the position of the table, otherwise the chandelier is not directly above the table, which is embarrassing

52. Don't use too plain toilet tiles. First, they are easy to get dirty, and second, they are too dull for a long time

53. When determining the location of the toilet floor drain, be sure to think well and measure the size. The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how inclined the brick is, the floor drain will not be the lowest point

54. The power sockets of TV cabinets and desks should be installed above the desktop, which can be turned off as you go, making it safer and more convenient

55. Don't lay TV sockets too low, especially in the bedroom. In fact, nowadays TVs are hung on the wall. It's fashionable and space-saving to put set-top boxes on a shelf hanging on the wall

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