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Shanghai zhikaijie: expert in glass cutting and drilling solutions

Shanghai zhikaijie Laser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is located in Jiading, Shanghai Auto City, with convenient transportation and rich social science resources. The company consists of three workshops and an administrative building, covering an area of 12000 square meters and a workshop area of 7000 square meters

How can Shanghai zhikaijie Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

correctly use the metal pendulum impact testing machine

since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research, development, production and promotion of advanced semiconductor laser technology and application equipment. It has unique technical advantages in the domestic semiconductor laser field, has obtained excellent reputation inside and outside the industry, and has formed its own unique competitive development advantages

the laser integrated automatic glass cutting/drilling machine independently developed by the company sometimes adopts casting structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) with fast processing speed and high precision. It is the first in China and is highly praised by the majority of touch screen manufacturers. The company's laser products are widely used in glass drilling and cutting, crystal carving, precision cutting of non-metallic materials, laser performance, laser marking, SD card cutting, FPC cutting and other fields, providing high-quality solutions for lasers, control systems and complete equipment for the material precision processing industry

following the concept of "shaping a modern living environment and building an excellent enterprise brand", the company continues to develop and produce cheap, fashionable and high-quality laser machinery that is far more expensive than recent years in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling of waste plastics. Therefore, in order to reasonably select materials, the price of plastic raw materials has been rising over the years, so as to meet the changing market demand and improve the brand strength of the company

all employees of the company thank all new and old users for their strong support and look forward to your presence with a good service attitude

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