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Shanghai zichuang: promote the development of coated glass

in recent years, the Low-E coated glass market has developed rapidly, which has also witnessed the rapid development and progress of domestic coating equipment and technology. At present, nearly half of the nearly 100 offline Low-E glass production lines in the country are made in China. Equipment manufacturing companies have contributed sweat and wisdom to promote the development and application of Low-E glass in China

Shanghai zichuang Coating Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously developed a variety of cost-effective energy-saving equipment and production lines, which has made positive efforts for the development of high-quality processed glass products in China. This practice is in line with the industrial policy and the trend of industry development. In addition, it has also made great contributions to the glass industry in developing more applications of glass products

the subsidiary is one of the first domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of large-scale continuous magnetron sputtering coating equipment. Its products mainly include low radiation glass coating production line, ITO conductive film coating equipment, thin-film solar energy coating equipment, research and development of solar heat absorbing blue film coating technology and equipment, application of low radiation functional film technology in agricultural greenhouses and equipment research and development The application of functional film technology in auto parts and polymer coating equipment have the turnkey engineering and technical ability of development, design, manufacturing, processing, installation, commissioning and technical services

headquartered in Jinshan District, Shanghai, the company is mainly responsible for the whole line research and development, design, core equipment manufacturing, sales and technology of coating equipment, but even the same material and after-sales service; The company has strong and perfect processing capabilities, including gantry milling, CNC machine tools, automatic cutting machines, sandblasting rooms and other professional machining equipment. In addition, the company has a professional R & D technical team with professional experience in vacuum, machinery, electricity and technology. Since its establishment, the company has undertaken and delivered more than 20 large-scale continuous coating equipment

with the global energy crisis and serious environmental pollution, all countries are promoting energy conservation, environmental protection and new clean energy as major projects, and should promote the scientific management of the whole life cycle of plastics. China, as a major energy consumer and a major country with serious environmental pollution, is in urgent need of various energy-saving, environmental protection, new energy and other emission reduction technologies and materials. In particular, on November 3, 2014, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a document to make new energy-saving and emission reduction materials a national key project before 2020. Due to the limited chemical and physical properties of the material itself, if you want to improve the functionality of the material, you must use various technologies to deposit multi-layer nanoscale metal, metal compounds, ceramics and other thin films on the surface of the material, and change the performance of the material according to the needs, so as to meet the functional requirements of material energy conservation and environmental protection

in response to the call of the state, the subsidiary has developed the application of functional film prepared by vacuum equipment in different industries from 2014 to 2015, including the application of functional film technology in Sanyin Low-E glass, automotive rearview mirror, windshield glass display, and the application of functional film technology in glass display industry, The solar energy heat absorbing blue film coating technology, the research and development of antireflective glass cover plate and equipment, the application of low radiation function and antireflective film technology in agricultural glass greenhouses and the research and development of equipment, and other four equipment and products that have been produced in batch or small batch. Zichuang will spend two to three years to promote these projects in large-scale industrialization

at present, as the application equipment of functional film technology in automotive parts, it has been mass produced, such as reversing mirrors. Traditional reversing mirrors are aluminum mirrors or chrome mirrors, which are cheap but have harsh reflections, which are easy to cause visual fatigue and danger. Previously, this technology and products were monopolized by foreign manufacturers and rely on imports, and are mostly equipped with high-end cars. Therefore, the R & D personnel of zichuang developed the core vacuum coating equipment and process technology through active research and development. This technology uses the vacuum magnetron sputtering method to deposit multilayer oxide nano films to obtain a semi transparent and semi reflective mirror, which can not only be used as a mirror to see the road conditions behind, but also be free from the interference of the rear lights on the driver

the application of low radiation glass coating equipment has always been the technical strength of Shanghai subsidiary. As an energy-saving material, low radiation glass has also been widely used in the construction industry. Based on the existing technology, the subsidiary company continues to develop, combined with glass antireflection and antireflection technology, solar heat absorption blue film technology, large-area cold light source technology, low radiation heat preservation glass technology, photochromic coating technology, and comprehensively utilized it in modern green agricultural greenhouses to realize the functions of zero energy consumption, zero emission and ecological chain recycling. For example, through the glass antireflection diffuse reflection coating technology, the greenhouse can achieve high lighting efficiency and shadow free effect, and the plant growth efficiency is high; Low radiation Low-E insulating glass can reduce the heat transfer of greenhouse and effectively achieve the effect of greenhouse insulation; Photochromic coating technology can automatically adjust the chromaticity and transmittance according to the intensity of sunlight, so as to prevent the greenhouse temperature from being too high and the illumination intensity from being too large, so as to cause the plants to be sunburned to death. It can also irradiate different wavelengths of light according to different plant needs, such as eggplant in vitro at night (37 ℃) and after the phosphate buffer test, automatically calculate the maximum force, upper and lower yield strength, hysteresis ring method, gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength Tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation at any point, extension at any point, modulus of elasticity, elongation, maximum value, minimum value, average value, modulus of curvature, etc. (PBS mainly uses ultraviolet light to irradiate, so that eggplant grows faster and has a more beautiful color, which plays a good role in promoting agricultural production and income.

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