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Shantou UVLED manufacturers have focused on LED light source manufacturing for 15 years. Huarui optoelectronics

Shantou UVLED manufacturers have focused on LED light source manufacturing for 15 years. Huarui optoelectronics

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light source system, which is composed of UV tubes, lampshades, voltage transformers (ballasts), capacitors (triggers). At present, UV lamps on the market are divided into high-voltage lamps and metal halogen lamps. Domestic equipment generally adopts high-voltage lamps, and some imported equipment adopts metal halogen lamps

reflector. The types of reflector include focused type, unfocused type and polyhedral type. Generally, the focus type is used. The structural feature of this reflector is that the reflected UV light energy is concentrated, and the efficiency of light curing is high, which is conducive to the curing of thick ink layer, and can completely cure the deep layer of ink. In this regard, attention should be paid to the material selection and shape of the reflector

but it is particularly important to choose a suitable spectrum and curing time. The commonly used UV band includes UVA, UVB, UVC, uvv and other bands, of which the more commonly used is UVA band. Selecting the UV curing machine light source of the corresponding wave band for the corresponding glue is an important process to improve the curing efficiency. In addition, if you need to improve the curing efficiency, you also need to consider the light source intensity, temperature, rate, irradiation time and other factors of the UV curing machine. Choosing the appropriate parameters of 4 shockproof sizing blocks attached to the machine is a necessary condition for curing

generally, the lampshade of UV curing equipment linked with the printing machine is shutter type, that is, the lampshade can be opened and closed in time when the printing machine is pressed and stopped, so as to avoid UV light and heat directly shining on the printing machine or paper when the printing machine is stopped, causing damage to the printing machine and fire

transmission system, which is composed of speed regulating motor (or variable frequency speed regulation), conveyor belt, chain (or transmission roller). What should be paid attention to is the adjustment of speed. The curing speed should be considered from two aspects: one is full curing, and the other is curing at a good speed. The best speed selection method is: first pass the product through the UV curing device at a certain speed. If it is cured, speed up the speed until the ink layer of the product through the UV curing device cannot be cured. At this time, the speed multiplied by 0.8 is the best speed. In addition, attention should also be paid to the service time of the lamp, because with the decay of UV lamp energy, the speed should also be slowed down

the size of the box is determined by the products used in the UV curing device according to the characteristics of no protection and long service life. In this regard, it should be noted that the surface of the box should be flat, and interlayer should be set where the internal light can reach, so as to prevent the external temperature of the box from being too high. There should be no light leakage outside. In short, in order to ensure the safe and normal operation of UV curing device and achieve good effect of UV curing, attention should be paid to the above components, and no link should be ignored

selection of UV lamp rate. The rate of UV light is the radiant energy of UV light, also known as penetration. First of all, it must meet the requirements of spectral wavelength and rate density of UV ink (varnish) absorption. If the rate of UV lamp is not enough, even if the illumination time is longer and the number of UV curing devices is more, the product will not be fully cured. On the contrary, it will also make the surface of UV ink (varnish) aging, sealing, brittle, etc. at the same time, the adhesion of ink (varnish) is not good, which will make the adhesion between overprint layers poor. Because the low rate of UV light cannot penetrate the bottom of the ink layer, the bottom is not cured or not cured enough

Shenzhen Huarui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 3million yuan. The company was founded by four people with ten years of experience in the LED industry. The company is committed to the middle and high-end market of LED lighting and provides overall lighting solutions. In 2015, it signed an agency agreement with the listed company Ruifeng Optoelectronics (sz.300241) to act as an agent for the whole line of LED products of Ruifeng optoelectronics, and is responsible for product sales and services in South and East China markets

outstanding advantages of UVLED light source in UV curing

1. Cold light source: the surface temperature of the irradiated product is low, and it is not easy to deform, which is especially suitable for the curing of thermal sensitive materials

2. Environmental protection light source: no harmful metals, no short wave UVC, no red light and ultraviolet radiation, and no ozone during operation

3. Long service life: the service life of the product is up to 20000 hours, In a word, the goal of 24-hour continuous service is becoming clearer and clearer in the practice of customer service. It can be lit up for more than 2 years

4. Less power consumption: on the premise of the same UV curing effect, it consumes 90% less power than the traditional UV lamp

5. Small size: as for 1//10 of the traditional UV curing equipment, the installation of the equipment is simpler and the occupied area of the production site is reduced

6. Low operation cost: there is no need to frequently replace the lamp tube and polished reflector

if the curing application is printing, or wood surface coating, large-scale high-power UV curing machine is required, because of its requirements for speed, curing area, and machine power, ordinary small curing machine is not applicable. There is also a desktop type conveyor belt UV curing equipment. Designed for mass production or laboratory

install the lamp tube hole and insert the lamp tube with a cloth pad. Do not let the lamp tube touch the metal end plate. After the lamp tube is installed in place, hold the lamp cap by hand and let it swing in the holder to see whether the lamp tube is in a free state. Let it jump at both ends to prevent expansion and cracking when lighting

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