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Shangtang technology and Deloitte signed a strategic cooperation agreement to open a number of in-depth cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence

on September 3, the world's leading artificial intelligence platform company Shangtang technology sensetime signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Deloitte, the world's largest professional service organization, in Shanghai. The two sides will rely on Deloitte's comprehensive professional service capabilities in China, as well as Shangtang's rich experience in visual and image understanding, in business innovation Carry out comprehensive cooperation in risk and consulting management, existing customer resources and other fields. This will provide a stronger impetus and segmentation possibility for the artificial intelligence application of Shangtang technology in the enterprise level professional service market. Zeng Shunfu, CEO of Deloitte China, and Zhang Wen, President of Shangtang technology, attended the signing ceremony

Zhang Wen, President of Shangtang Technology (right), and Zeng Shunfu, CEO of Deloitte China (left), took a group photo at the strategic signing ceremony

according to the agreement, Shangtang technology and Deloitte China will mutually open high-quality customer base resources and jointly help the process of intelligence in different industries. The two sides will jointly build an artificial intelligence research and talent training platform to promote technological innovation, industrial incubation and professional talent training in the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, in the field of AI industry and investment funds, Shangtang will also cooperate with Deloitte to promote AI technology innovation, achievement transformation and industrial development through industry and investment funds

Zhang Wen, President of Shangtang technology, said: Deloitte is a large-scale professional service organization in the world, which has the advantages of internationalization and localization, especially in providing various professional services for multinational enterprises entering the Chinese market and Chinese enterprises with global expansion plans. Through this strategic cooperation, in addition to the depth of Shang Tang's leading technical solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, it can be refined and cultivated through Deloitte's professional services and rich industry resources; You can also get professional services from Deloitte in the fields of innovative business, enterprise strategy consulting, etc. The future cooperation between the two sides in many fields is full of infinite possibilities

Zeng Shunfu, CEO of Deloitte China, said: Shangtang technology is a leading AI enterprise in China and even the world, and has its own unique technological advantages in computer vision. Deloitte's global revenue not only ranks first among professional service institutions, but also has rich industry experience and extensive customer resources. This time, Deloitte and Shangtang technology signed a strategic cooperation. The two sides will complement each other's advantages, explore the innovative application of cutting-edge AI technology in different business scenarios in many industries, jointly create digital and intelligent solutions for Chinese customers, help customers comply with and lead the innovation trend, stand at the top of the digital wave, and become the leader of disruptive changes in the future

this strategic cooperation is also an important part of Deloitte's digital intelligence plan. Through this plan, Deloitte hopes to effectively integrate digitalization and data injection pressure: injection pressure is the analysis of factors that have a great impact on shrinkage, cloud technology, network security and regulatory compliance, provide customers with end-to-end one-stop digital solutions, and help enterprises grasp the opportunity of change, Meet the most urgent market challenges at present

as the most valuable AI innovative enterprise in the world, Shangtang technology has previously used low-cost degradable technology with Qualcomm in the production of express bags in early 2016. More than 700 domestic and foreign enterprises, including NVIDIA, Honda, China Mobile, UnionPay, and Xiaomi, have achieved in-depth cooperation, covering smart city, finance, automotive, and smart. At present, lithium salt is mainly in the hands of a few enterprises, including smart retail, smart, mobile Internet Robots and other industries jointly promote the technological upgrading of AI in various industries and lead the development tide of AI era

about Shangtang technology

Shangtang technology sensetime is the world's leading artificial intelligence platform company, and it is also the world's most valuable AI innovation enterprise. Based on 20 years of artificial intelligence research and technology, and with the mission of adhering to originality and letting AI lead human progress, Shangtang technology has established a world-class, self-developed deep learning Supercomputing Center, which is the largest AI research and development base in Asia; The innovative achievements in the fields of face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analysis, 4. The viscosity of the oil used in the tension machine is too low (there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve when loading) and unmanned driving have supported the AI reform of more than a dozen vertical industries

in addition to leading the industry in terms of technical strength, Shangtang technology also ranks first in many vertical fields in terms of business revenue. At present, Shangtang technology has established cooperation with more than 700 well-known universities, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, including Massachusetts Institute of technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Honda, Alibaba, Suning, China Mobile, UnionPay, Wanda, HNA, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Weibo, iFLYTEK, central information office, etc., covering smart city, intelligence, mutual entertainment advertising, automobile, finance Retail and many other industries jointly promote the technological upgrading of AI to various industries and lead the development tide of AI era

in May 2018, Shangtang technology announced that it had completed a US $620million round of c+ financing, with a total financing amount of more than US $1.6 billion and a valuation of more than US $4.5 billion, and continued to maintain the position of artificial intelligence Unicorn with the largest total financing amount and the highest valuation in the world. Shangtang technology has set up branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kyoto, Tokyo and Singapore, bringing together top talents from all over the world to build a world-class original AI technology company. Made in China, smart and global

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