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Shangluo: UAV reconnaissance squadron escorts the ecological renovation of the Qinling Mountains

on October 18, the UAV of Shangzhou branch of Shangluo Municipal Public Security Bureau found that someone burned straw in the cultivated land near the hillside in xiaoshangyuan and Qinling villages of Muhuguan Town, and the investigation police immediately assigned the police of heilongkou police station to investigate and deal with it. After the police arrived at the scene, they immediately investigated the villagers Wang, Hu Xue's behavior of burning straw at will by three villagers took a seat in the market to stop, explain their interests, and educate them not to burn straw at will, so as to avoid causing a fire and causing damage to the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountains

"in recent years, in the face of a serious shortage of police force, the Party committee of the sub Bureau has taken strengthening the police through science and technology as an important focus, and adhered to strengthening the police through science and technology. Especially since the rectification of the ecological environment of the Qinling mountains this year, the sub Bureau has timely established a drone investigation Squadron, replaced the police force with scientific and technological force, severely cracked down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, and improved the informatization level of social security control in the Qinling Mountains." vice chairman of the Shangzhou District CPPCC Liu Liqun, director of Shangzhou Public Security Bureau, said. On October 8, Shangzhou branch of Shangluo Municipal Public Security Bureau issued all five UAVs in place. After the rapid training of man-machine cooperative operation, all five team members were proficient in UAV reconnaissance and actual combat flight skills, It marks the official establishment of the UAV reconnaissance squadron established by the Bureau, which will fully escort the ecological environment renovation of the Qinling Mountains. It is understood that the UAV reconnaissance squadron of Shangzhou Public Security Bureau has begun to carry out dynamic aerial patrol on key areas such as Shahezi, Yecun, Muhuguan, Heishan, Yangxie, sparsely populated mountainous areas and mountain access roads in Shangzhou area, and will timely find and focus on illegal land occupation, destruction of forest resources, illegal mining Pollution discharge and other crimes that destroy the ecological environment and resources in the Qinling Mountains, so as to provide clues for the large-scale utilization of excellent mechanical properties

strive to realize the full marketization of the composition mechanism of personal insurance rates by the end of the year. On October 16, when the police of the investigation squadron used drones to investigate the area of YANGXIE Town, they found that someone was cutting trees in a hillside of Yangxie town. The police of the investigation squadron immediately notified the police of Yangxie police station to deal with it. The police rushed to the scene immediately. After investigation, Zhang, a villager in haitangcha village of YANGXIE Town, in order to build a cattle pen for his cattle, They went to the hillside without permission to cut down a large number of trees 2 Comprehensive protection of safety equipment: the safety equipment of the facility is a wood used to protect the personal safety of mechanical facilities and laboratory personnel. The police immediately stopped his behavior of chopping trees, and then handed Zhang over to the forestry department for treatment

"using drones to carry out Qinling mountain ecological environment renovation and inspection not only improves the work efficiency, achieves no dead corners and full coverage, but also increases the monitoring area and saves the police force", a police officer said

at present, five cases of indiscriminate cutting of trees and eight cases of burning of straw on hillsides have been found by UAV investigation. The police have found and dealt with them in time, strengthening the remediation of the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountains. (Wang Dan, Zhou Yajun)

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