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Shanghe power supply tightened the on-site control "safety valve"

□ Xu Na, Hou Peipei, Zhang Sikai

"everyone must remember to measure their temperature and wear masks properly before entering the operation site." On March 29, at the construction site of 110kV Shangdong substation in Shanghe County, gaoxinyu, a safety supervisor from the safety supervision department of guoshanghe county power supply company, repeatedly reminded the staff entering the construction site to strictly perform the epidemic prevention requirements. In the morning of the same day, the on-site construction personnel of the 110kV Shangdong substation infrastructure project in Shanghe county began to carry out on-site construction in an orderly manner after completing a series of strict epidemic prevention procedures

compared with the previous construction sites, in addition to the material placement area, the construction (1) experimental machine installation and foundation accuracy 7-bit basic operation area, Shanghe power supply also has a special epidemic prevention and control area. Before construction, construction personnel must go through a series of safety physical examination processes, such as temperature measurement by special personnel, inspection of safety tools and instruments, etc

in order to tighten the "safety valve" on the construction site, ensure the health of on-site operators, and maintain the normal development of safe production, since the resumption of work, Shanghe power supply has always strengthened the awareness of the safety red line, which provides a strong guarantee for the future rapid development of enterprises with independent innovation ability and intellectual property rights, strengthened responsibility, put epidemic prevention and control and safety control in the first place, and all work is progressing smoothly, Strictly implement the work requirements of "three passes", "three places" and "spring inspection site epidemic prevention and control measures card", press and compact the epidemic prevention responsibilities of each construction unit, designate the project epidemic prevention special person to enter the construction site, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures; The operation site shall strictly implement the requirements of "safety regulations", the "ten don'ts" at the production operation site, the "thirty articles" and the "six in place and one specification" of the power distribution project; Establish a health account for construction personnel for dynamic control, and record in detail the personal information and epidemic prevention measures of mobilized operators; Further strengthen the supply of prevention and control materials, purchase sufficient supplies for epidemic prevention and control, such as masks, alcohol, disinfectants, temperature guns, etc., effectively ensure the safe production and life of construction personnel, and reduce the impact of the epidemic on project construction

the safety supervisors of Shanghe power supply safety supervision department continuously keep a close eye on the resumption of work site through on-site supervision and remote video supervision every day, investigate all kinds of potential risks on the site, make every effort to ensure the safety and order of the construction site and the personal health and safety of employees, and earnestly achieve the "two hands, two unmistakable" of epidemic prevention and control and spring inspection and power construction, so as to ensure the orderly progress of the company's spring inspection and power construction

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