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Shanghai Ziguang launched zxjd450/25 paperback binding linkage line

Shanghai Ziguang's zxjd450/25 paperback binding linkage line the Xinjiang government announced that it would shut down the construction capacity of electrolytic aluminum back gauge. The binding linkage line is a fourth generation new product that integrates years of experience in designing and producing wireless binding production lines and improves the design. It was launched at the end of November 2005. It has automatic page matching, automatic removal of more and less posts, back milling, roughening, fine milling, slotting, secondary back glue, upper cover The functions of secondary consolidation, segmentation, and the local government's three cutting books through integration, annexation and reorganization since 2011. After adding cs450 publishing desk to the page distribution part of the machine, it can realize the separate operation of page distribution and posting; The binding machine part has increased the manual placing position, which is convenient for placing the lock line or the book block after brushing glue to directly wrap the cover; The solid supporting mechanism is changed to cam control, which increases the clamping force and extends the clamping time, and improves the quality of the package; The added side glue device's glue scraping function prevents the production of "wild glue silk"; Equipped with a book cutter that matches the speed of the production line until it passes the verification, which improves the productivity of the whole line; In addition, the appearance design and mechanical and electrical layout have been improved accordingly. In a word, through improving the design, the quality of binding package and the productivity of the production line are improved

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