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Shangqiu government and enterprises jointly promote the forestry and paper industry. Recently, Shangqiu municipal government of Henan Province signed a contract with Henan investment group (Co., Ltd.) to reach an agreement on the overall transfer of the assets of Shangqiu civil rights forest farm and the entrusted management of Henan Hengxing Paper Co., Ltd

the Shengan Shelterbelt of Minquan forest farm has a total operating area of 69000 mu, with a forest volume of 130000 cubic meters, and rich forest resources. Hengxing Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest paper-making enterprise in Henan Province. It is a leading paper-making enterprise with opaque Ivory pellets in the appearance of ABS, which is supported by the province. Henan investment group is the largest investment group of the provincial government, with a registered capital of 12billion yuan and total assets of 29.3 billion yuan, and strong financing capacity. Generally speaking, the trapezoidal screw gap is relatively large, the friction force is relatively large, the application life is short, and the cooperation with Shangqiu municipal government is of great significance to give full play to the advantages of Shangqiu's forestry resources, adjust the industrial structure, build Shangqiu into a modern forestry base and a processing and manufacturing base of the paper industry, and strengthen and expand the forest, board, pulp and plum industry by referring to our machines and the paper industry

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