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Shantou new materials fill the domestic gap

recently, the printing and packaging industry, one of the pillar industries in Shantou, has received another good news. The "high sealing plastic aluminum cold stamping solid pharmaceutical composite hard film" and "high sealing hot belt plastic aluminum solid pharmaceutical composite hard film" (hereinafter referred to as "high sealing cold and hot composite hard film") developed and produced by Shantou Jinping Beihai plastic products factory have become new packaging materials produced for the first time in China, On the basis of obtaining two national patents last year and early this year, it passed the appraisal of the provincial expert appraisal committee a few days ago

in recent years, beyond the range that can be obtained by using long carbon fiber alone, Germany and Japan have successively developed high sealing cold and hot composite hard films, which have better performance than traditional PVC blister hard films. Some domestic pharmaceutical and food enterprises are competing to import and use. In order to fill the domestic gap and change China's dependence on imports, Beihai plastic products factory has developed and produced two kinds of composite hard films with high quality and low price by itself with the help of scientific research strength of colleges and universities since May, 2001, which not only reaches the level of similar products at home and abroad, but also innovates in performance, realizing the replacement of imports with domestic products

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