Pilot production of the hottest light weight coate

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Pilot production of light weight coated paper (I)

key: the production process, equipment and paper quality of light weight coated paper in Henan Wuzhi kenaf paper factory are introduced in detail

key words: light weight coated paper; Production process; Technical equipment

about the author: Li Xiuan was assigned by the state to Shanghai Jiangnan paper mill in 1957. He has successively served as the chief of the quality inspection section, the chief of the process technology section, and the director of the central laboratory. In 1977, he was transferred to Shanghai Paper Research Institute, in 1979, he was transferred to Shanghai Xinfeng paper mill as a process engineer, and in 1986, he was transferred to Shanghai Light Industry Foreign Economic and technological cooperation company under Shanghai Light Industry Bureau as the project manager of the overseas engineering department. 9. Aluminum alloy impact block: made according to the standards provided by your company, he retired in 1996. In 1996, he participated in the implementation of the "scientific and technological cooperation agreement between Shanghai Paper Association and unipa Daya paper mill in Jakarta, Indonesia" and served as the Chinese technical team leader, engaged in cooperation in projects such as striped kraft paper, light weight coated paper and special paper. From 1996 to 1998, he was employed as the chief engineer of Xuchang paper mill in Henan Province. In 1999, he was employed as the chief engineer of Kenaf paper factory in Wuzhi County, Henan Province. In 2000, he was employed by Hangzhou Fuyang Dafu paper company and other units, engaged in the technical molding characteristics service and technical guidance of coated white paperboard

Henan Wuzhi kenaf paper mill is a world bank loan project with an investment of 320million yuan in the first phase. At present, the market for digital lithium battery is still large. It has introduced continuous cooking equipment with a production capacity of 40000 tons/year and 2640mm long multi cylinder paper machine with sym sizer coating inside from Russia to produce light weight coated paper (LWC), with a production capacity of 22000 tons/year. The paper machine transmission adopts German Siemens technology. The paper quantitative moisture detection and control system is purchased from honeywell-measurex company in the United States. The soft calender is provided by German kusters company. The rewinder and double knife paper cutter are manufactured by Xi'an Valmet company. The main equipment and automatic control system of the coating preparation system are French Procoat products

the preparation of Wuzhi kenaf paper factory has gone through a long and tortuous process from the establishment of the factory to the raising of funds, project design, construction and trial production. Among them, there are staffing problems and adaptability of pulp raw materials, which make the originally designed kenaf pulp production line unable to start up, and the paper machine is forced to use 100% commercial pulp, making LWC with high cost. Due to the limitation of working capital, by July 2000, except for the longest driving time from March to October 1999, the normal test run could not be carried out, and even the whole line was forced to stop until now. What if the measured data of the LWC line tensile testing machine described in this paper is inaccurate? The trial production of is the production practice during this period

1 preparation of pulp

1.1 ratio of fiber raw materials

Henan once used hardwood pulp with Yingkou reed pulp, but Yingkou reed pulp failed to be used normally because of its high dust and low whiteness for LWC. In actual production, imported bleached kraft softwood pulp and domestic bleached hardwood pulp are used. Most hardwood pulp uses Shixian grade C, and some uses Shixian grade B wood pulp. In addition, some of the factory's paper losses are used. The proportion of pulp used in normal production is: 70% bleached hardwood pulp, 30% imported bleached kraft softwood pulp, and 15% - 25% paper loss of our factory (the above pulp is calculated as 100%). (to be continued)

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