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15 kW daze gasoline generator picture

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picture of 15 kW daniaze gasoline generator daniaze gasoline generator set has the advantages of fast power start, safe and stable operation, small vibration, low fuel consumption, small size, compact layout, light body, stable and reliable extinguishing, which has improved your task effectiveness, an aspiring friend of outdoor construction! Daniaze power gasoline and diesel generator welding machine are really awesome, and the manufacturer only enjoys a wholesale price, If you want to taste more product information, please call us for advice

the reliable function of the generator, the lightweight body and the high-quality power supply make the organization the favorite of all industries, and it is also the ideal emergency power supply for modern families

reason for recommendation: Japanese export, danizawa brand, large and easy to use, low fuel consumption, economic and practical, easy to carry, affordable, The best choice of emergency equipment

15kw silent gasoline generator (danizawa power toyoti)

product number toto15

format mute

power identity 1

additional power 15kw

maximum power 17kw

brand: danizawa power toyoti

extra voltage 220|380v

phase number single phase | three phase

frequency 50Hz 60Hz

noise range simultaneity DB

starting style electric starting (optional full active)

gross weight 250kg

additional speed 3000rpm

engine model: to465 (toyoti)

tightening ratio 12:01

fuel tank 40L

continuous task: 12h

engine type four stroke, four cylinder, water-cooled Single overhead camshaft City in-line

insulation grade F

format mute (yellow gray)

fuel model above 90 gasoline

size: 1210*830*920mm

22 20 foot cabinets

46 40 foot cabinets 4. Machining accuracy

60 foot cabinets

CE certification/is9000/is2000/carb/eu/etl

task ambient temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40

electronic speed regulation, digital display, mute After sales commitment: Shanghai danianze generator factory, in order to create and discover famous brands, improve enterprise popularity, and establish enterprise generality, In the spirit of "everything seeks high quality, and users are right", we take "The most favorable price, the most attentive service, and the most reliable criterion of production and quality are carefully promised to you:

1. Production and quality commitment:

1. At present, the manufacturing and inspection of products have also been completed. Zhengzhou air conditioners, Foshan drum washing machines, Qingdao water heaters and other demonstration benchmark factories have quality records and testing data.

2. For the testing of product functions, we sincerely invite users to stop the whole process and full function inspection of products in person After the products are confirmed to be qualified, they can be packed and shipped

2. Product price commitment:

1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of products, fragmentary materials are selected from international or international excellent brand products

2. On the premise of uniform competition, our company will supply you at the most favorable price without reducing the technical function of the product and changing the parts of the product

3. Delivery commitment:

1. Product delivery date: try to meet the user's requirements. If there are special requirements and the completion needs to be delayed, our company can specially organize production and devices to meet the user's needs

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