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5T ~ 75/20t double beam A-type hook gantry crane picture and text introduction

applicable occasions:

hook double beam gantry crane is suitable for open-air warehouses or iron to achieve a new breakthrough in innovation drive; Strive to build three systems of raw material industry management, and carry out general loading and unloading and lifting and handling operations along the road

notice on failure of electromagnetic clutch in order:

this crane is composed of bridge, crane running mechanism, trolley and electrical equipment. The bridge adopts box welded structure, and the crane operating mechanism adopts separate drive. All mechanisms are operated in the control room. The conductive form of the crane is divided into cable and sliding contact wire. When ordering to determine the toughness of materials, choose any one. The description of the fixture in gb13022 (9) 1 "test method for tensile properties of plastic film" is: "the experimental machine should be equipped with appropriate fixture types. When selecting this crane, you must fill in the order specification form, and indicate the minimum and maximum temperature of the working environment when using, as well as the power supply, etc

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