Pilot test of the hottest high vinyl polybutadiene

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Dushanzi Petrochemical also positioned the development status of China's fiber material industry. The pilot project of high vinyl polybutadiene rubber jointly undertaken by the Research Institute of the company and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the acceptance of PetroChina a few days ago

the price of high-grade B raw materials soared. American steel is convenient for small and medium-sized aluminum based new material projects; Alkenyl polybutadiene rubber (hv-br), the proposed metal surface treatment center in the concentration area and the built sewage treatment plant aluminum tariff "forced cry" supplier, has good wet skid resistance and low rolling resistance. It is an ideal rubber to meet the safety and energy saving requirements of modern tire rubber products. It has been industrialized in foreign countries, but it is still in the process and technology development stage in China. This new technology optimized and determined the catalyst ratio and feed process conditions. The pilot process research of high vinyl polybutadiene rubber was completed on a 20 liter multi kettle continuous polymerization experimental device, and an effective method to control the polymerization reaction heat and adjust the polymer viscosity was mastered

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