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Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, delivered a spring festival speech

purple swallows fly over thousands of miles, and golden monkeys climb over thousands of years. As the Spring Festival is approaching, on behalf of the Ministry of industry and information technology, I would like to extend new year's greetings to the cadres and workers of the national industry and information system, and to friends from all walks of life who care about and support us! I wish you all good luck, good health, family happiness and good luck in the year of the monkey

2015 is a year of special difficulties for China's industrial development, and it is also a year of fruitful work. We conscientiously implement the major decisions and arrangements of the central government, rise to the difficulties, take the initiative, focus on a series of major measures that affect the overall situation and have a long-term impact, such as the made in China 2025, the industrial steady growth, structural adjustment and efficiency gains, and the "interconnection +" action. Substantial steps have been taken in the construction of a powerful manufacturing country, the rise and fall of the scrap market are mutually evident, new progress has been made in transformation and upgrading, and the comprehensive strength of the industrial communications industry has reached a new level. Over the past year, the vast number of cadres and workers throughout the system have shown their new mission, displayed the new style of the industry, and made painstaking efforts to achieve these achievements. I hereby express my sincere respect to you

2016 is the first year of the 13th five year plan. Focus on promoting the supply side structural reform, fully implement the made in China 2025, and focus on eight aspects: maintaining the stable operation of the industrial economy, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivating and expanding high-end manufacturing industry, promoting the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, implementing the action of raising speed and reducing fees, vigorously supporting the development of small and micro enterprises, strengthening the management of the Internet industry and information security, and creating a good environment for the development of the industry, We will strive to achieve steady growth, quality and efficiency improvement in the industrial communications industry. To complete these tasks, we have a great mission, and it is glorious to shorten the product development cycle. The vast number of cadres and workers in the whole system should have the courage to take on responsibilities, overcome difficulties, work in a down-to-earth manner with an innovative spirit, a positive attitude, full enthusiasm and an excellent style, strive for practical results, and make new contributions to the realization of the new goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects

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