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Mianyang city carries out the technical grade appraisal of printers

good news from the Shanxi new material carbon business department of Chinalco can start from a production line. In order to improve the technical level of employees in printing enterprises in Mianyang City, Mianyang City will gradually implement the system of skilled workers in the printing industry with certificates. According to the work schedule, Mianyang has recently carried out the technical level appraisal of intermediate workers in the printing enterprises of "professional lithographic printer" and "proofer"

it is understood that the content of this printer's technical grade appraisal is divided into three aspects: general knowledge assessment of professional ethics, basic theory assessment and labor skill operation. According to the regulations, students who have passed the appraisal of common sense of professional ethics, basic theory and labor skill operation, reviewed by relevant experts, and approved by the National Vocational Skill Appraisal Institute of Sichuan Publishing Bureau, can apply to the Provincial Department of labor for approval to receive the certificate of skilled worker level

information source: Sichuan

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