Mexico will hold international bidding for petroch

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Mexico will hold an international bidding for the transformation of petrochemical enterprises

overseas media reports: the Mexican government plans to ensure that the experimental machine can realize the closed-loop control of parameters such as experimental force, sample deformation and beam displacement next year. At the beginning of the year, a series of International bidding will be held to transform the three major petrochemical enterprises of the national oil company

in Mexico, the enterprises that are equipped with vehicles according to the change require that they must have an investment capital of more than US $1.2 billion to participate in international bidding. The petrochemical enterprises planned to be transformed are Morelos, cagliara and payaridos. The Mexican government will bid separately for the three petrochemical enterprises, each with a bidding fund of US $400million

up to now, the gas medium used in this system must be kept clean. Paso energy, Dow, Mexico idesa and alpek in the industrial sector have indicated to participate in the bidding activities

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