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Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology: promote the deep integration of the two modernizations and promote structural optimization and upgrading

the report of Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology at the national industry and informatization work conference: promote the deep integration of the two modernizations and promote structural optimization and upgrading. Realize the steady and healthy development of industrial communication industry under the new economic normal. p>

next, I will talk about three issues

I. key work in 2014

since this year, the whole system has conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, focused on the 6+1 special action of transformation and upgrading, and paid close attention to the implementation of various policies and measures to stabilize growth, adjust structure, promote reform, and benefit people's livelihood. Significant results have been achieved in key work, and the industrial communication industry has maintained steady development

(I) the operation of industrial communication industry is basically stable. In the face of the severe situation of increasing downward pressure, we should actively cultivate consumption hotspots and increase effective supply. Vigorously develop new smart terminals, energy-efficient household appliances and other hot products, and actively guide the innovative development of information consumption such as mobile Internet and e-commerce. It is estimated that in 2014, the scale of information consumption will reach 2.8 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the e-commerce transaction volume will exceed 12 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 20%. We continued to implement the special action of quality brand innovation, and carried out in-depth activities such as quality reputation commitment and quality benchmarking, which promoted the quality improvement, service upgrading and brand building of key industries. Take effective measures to ensure the production and supply of essential drugs. Actively stabilize and effectively invest, and formulate and implement measures for the approval and implementation of enterprise investment projects. We have played a leading role in technological transformation, promoted and improved policies and measures such as preferential tax treatment for the import of technological equipment, carried out pilot projects to accelerate depreciation, and encouraged enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation. From January to November, industrial investment increased by 13% year-on-year, and technological transformation investment accounted for 40.1%. We promoted the establishment of a national, provincial and municipal enterprise related fee list system, carried out special inspections, and made significant progress in enterprise burden reduction. Start industrial operation quality evaluation. Through measures such as driving major projects, connecting supply and demand, production and marketing, strengthening enterprise services, coordinating and ensuring factors, and stimulating the vitality of private enterprises, all localities have gone all out to stabilize growth and curb decline, and have done a lot of hard and meticulous work. It is expected that in the whole year, the added value of industries above Designated Size will increase by about 8.3%, the energy consumption and water consumption per unit of industrial added value will be reduced by 7% and 5.8% respectively, and the income of telecommunications, software and information technology services, and Internet industries will increase by 4%, 20%, and 50% respectively

(II) the pace of industrial structure adjustment has accelerated. Vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine and a new generation of information technology, and strategic emerging industries have a good momentum of development. We have promoted the establishment of the first major technical equipment insurance compensation mechanism, and introduced a series of policies and measures to accelerate the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. In June, the added value of high-tech manufacturing increased by 12.2% year-on-year, and the production of new energy vehicles was 56700, a year-on-year increase of 5 times. Software and information technology services, industrial design, modern logistics and other producer services continued to develop rapidly, promoting the upgrading of industrial structure. We will make an overall plan to eliminate backward production capacity and reduce excess production capacity, strictly control new and incremental production, formulate and implement measures for the implementation of capacity replacement, and basically bring the production capacity of key industries such as steel, shipbuilding, and coal chemical industry into the scope of industry access and standardized management. By the end of November, 27.9 million tons of steel-making capacity, 69 million tons of cement and 37.6 million weight boxes of flat glass had been eliminated, and the goals set in the government work report had been successfully completed. The upper part, that is, the upper space, had been preserved, and the elimination task of the 12th Five year plan had been completed one year ahead of schedule. Promote the introduction of opinions to further optimize the market environment for enterprise mergers and acquisitions, significantly accelerate the process of mergers and acquisitions in rare earth, photovoltaic, infant formula milk powder and other industries, improve the concentration of automotive, cement and other industries, and major mergers and acquisitions in high-tech fields continue to emerge. Pay close attention to energy conservation and emission reduction and air pollution control, carry out special actions for green industrial development, and implement the motor energy efficiency improvement plan. The level of cleaner production and comprehensive utilization of energy resources in key regions and industries has been significantly improved. We continued to carry out a series of docking activities for industrial transfer, and jointly issued guidance on the layout adjustment and industrial transfer of key industries. We have actively implemented the decisions and arrangements of the central government on the the Belt and Road, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Yangtze River economic belt and supporting the development of Xinjiang, Tibet and other regions, and have done a lot of work in industrial support and targeted poverty alleviation

(III) innovation driven development has made new progress. We continued to implement major national science and technology projects, made new major breakthroughs in supercomputers, million kilowatt nuclear power equipment, large aircraft, and completed the special demonstration of aeroengines and gas turbines. Special projects such as intelligent manufacturing equipment have been organized to promote the R & D and industrialization of key areas such as high-tech ships, key components of automobile engines, high-precision cold-rolled plates, carbon fibers, cultural relics protection equipment, etc. Carry out the special action of strengthening the industrial base, accelerate the development and demonstration application of the four bases, and break through the bottleneck constraints in some basic fields such as rail transit. Support the follow-up research and development of TD-LTE key technologies and strengthen the weak links in the industrial chain. We will focus on the construction of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, newly identify 72 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises, focus on supporting 195 major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, start the identification of ministerial key laboratories, and carry out the docking of industry, University, research and application in an orderly manner. 2723 industry standards were issued throughout the year, and 25 international proposals such as steel fiber for concrete became international standards. We will continue to implement the project to cultivate the ability to use intellectual property rights. The innovation ability of subordinate colleges and universities has been improved, and has won a large number of major scientific and technological awards, including two first prizes of national technological invention. The reform of national defense science, technology and industry was comprehensively launched, significant achievements were made in the construction of core military industrial capabilities, and new progress was made in the in-depth development of military civilian integration. Chang'e-3 successfully completed the set engineering and scientific goals, gaofen-1 satellite achieved important application results in land, environmental protection, agriculture and other industries, and gaofen-2 satellite was successfully launched, marking the entry of China's satellite remote sensing technology into the sub meter era

(IV) the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization has been promoted, and the interconnection management has been strengthened. We will solidly promote the special action of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, comprehensively carry out the identification and promotion of enterprise management system, actively promote the intelligent transformation of key areas such as equipment, petrochemical, automotive, civil explosives, light industry, and steadily improve the integration ability of small and medium-sized enterprises. IOT, cloud computing, big data and manufacturing integration innovation have been carried out widely, a number of industrial cloud service platforms and industrial alliances have been established and operated, and typical integrated applications of enterprises, industries and regions continue to emerge. The implementation of the broadband China special action, the in-depth promotion of "Three Integrations", the completion and opening of seven new national backbone direct connection points, and remarkable achievements in network upgrading and industry transformation. It is estimated that 70million households will be covered by fiber to the home throughout the year, 90million 4G users will be exceeded, 33.4 million IPTV users will be reached, and the proportion of broadband users of 8m and above will reach 38.9%. The non voice business revenue of basic telecom enterprises accounted for 57.9% of the total revenue, and 11 Internet enterprises ranked among the top 30 in the global market value. In the ten years since the implementation of the communication project, the proportion of villages, towns and administrative villages with broadband has jumped from 90% and 70% to 100% and 93.5% respectively. Actively adapt to the changes in the management body with high technology intensity, high research and development investment, long time and large impact, take the Internet as the core to strengthen industry management and network information security, and focus on strengthening supervision according to law, improving the linkage mechanism between the Ministry and the province, and strengthening the construction of industry style in terms of basic resources, station filing, user real name registration, user personal information protection, mobile intelligent terminals, application stores, etc, The market order has been further standardized. We will carry out special actions to crack down on mobile Internet malicious programs, spam messages, and pseudo base stations. The level of network operation safety management and guarantee has been steadily improved, and the tasks of anti-terrorism and stability maintenance, major activities and emergency communication of public emergencies, radio and network information security have been successfully completed

this year, we also focused on several overall, innovative and strategic key tasks. First, we will further streamline administration and delegate power, and strengthen supervision during and after the event. It has been reported to the State Council to cancel and delegate 29 items of administrative examination and approval, accounting for 51.8% of the original examination and approval items, achieving three-year tasks and two-year completion. The reserved approval items were gradually put into operation, and the five pre approval items of industrial and commercial registration were changed to post approval. Second, we deepened telecommunications reform and achieved breakthroughs. 42 private enterprises have been approved to carry out mobile communication resale business, the pilot of broadband access business opening is about to start, the telecom service tariff is fully implemented the market adjusted price, the LTE mixed group test is steadily promoted in 56 cities, and the mobile user number carrying test scope is expanded to 51. Function and scope of application: provinces, tower companies have been successfully established. Third, new steps have been taken in opening up and cooperation. Great progress has been made in supporting enterprises' foreign investment and cross-border mergers and acquisitions through multilateral and bilateral mechanisms. International cooperation in industry 4.0, energy conservation and environmental protection, aerospace, electric vehicles, new generation mobile communications, big data, smart cities and other fields has been carried out in depth. Seven value-added telecommunications services in the Shanghai free trade zone are open to foreign investment, and five share ratio restrictions are lifted. The 21st APEC Ministerial Meeting on small and medium-sized enterprises was successfully held. China was re elected as a member of ITU, and Zhao Houlin was elected secretary general by a high vote. Fourth, the support for small and micro enterprises has increased unprecedentedly. The executive meeting of the State Council has 25 special studies or directly related to supporting small and micro enterprises, and intensively introduced policies and measures in terms of increasing fiscal and tax support, alleviating high financing costs, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and supporting the construction of public service platforms, which are highly targeted and valuable. The Ministry actively played a leading role, strengthened coordination and promotion, and paid close attention to the implementation of policies, which significantly improved the development environment of small and micro enterprises. Fifth, it promoted the establishment of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund. The State Council issued and implemented the outline for promoting the development of the integrated circuit industry, and established an industrial investment fund in the form of government guidance and market operation. It reflects the organic combination of national will and market mechanism, which not only solves the financing bottleneck of chip manufacturing industry, but also innovates the support mode of central financial funds for industrial development

II. Current situation and requirements

the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee made a strategic deployment to comprehensively promote the rule of law, which provided a legal guarantee for promoting the sustained and healthy development of China's economy and society and upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. The central economic work conference comprehensively analyzed the situation at home and abroad, deeply analyzed the phased characteristics of China's economic development, expounded the importance and arduousness of improving quality, efficiency and upgrading, and made arrangements for next year's work tasks. We should integrate our thoughts and actions into the analysis, judgment, decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee on the situation, and do a solid job in all work

(I) comprehensively grasp the new challenges and opportunities faced by industrial development

the central economic work conference clearly pointed out that China has entered the new normal of economic development and has undergone trend changes in many aspects. The characteristics of the new normal are particularly evident in the industrial field. From increase

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