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Mexico requested anti-dumping against Shandong tires

the house leakage happened to be continuous rain, and the haze of the "special protection case" of tires exported to the United States did not disappear, and Shandong tire enterprises had to take new measures. Yesterday, it was learned from Shandong rubber industry association that some Mexican enterprises recently submitted applications for anti-dumping investigations against enterprises related to the export of Mexican tires in our province. It is reported that the export of Shandong tire products to Mexico accounts for about 5%. Once Mexico files a case, more than 30 enterprises in our province will be affected

420million U.S. dollars market "changed"

"the news came from Mexico, and the application must have been submitted, but it's hard to say whether the Mexican Ministry of economy will file a case..." Zhang Hongmin, President of the Provincial Rubber Industry Association, said in an interview with Shandong Business Daily yesterday that some Mexican enterprises have applied for anti-dumping investigations on imported tire products from Shandong, which has actually been brewing for a long time, Only recently, the application was formally submitted

Zhang Hongmin said that according to the relevant local regulations of Mexico, the Ministry of national economy will clearly file a case for investigation as soon as 25 days after receiving the application

according to the data provided by Zhang Hongmin, last year, the export of tire products in our province totaled US $7.839 billion, of which we often talked with our peers about the purchase of material testing machines, and the export to Mexico was more than US $420 million, accounting for a little more than 5%. Compared with the market size of Mexico itself, this share is not small. Specifically, there are more than 30 rubber tire products enterprises in the province that have business contacts with Mexico

Yue Zhongqiao, head of triangle tire planning department, said in an interview with Shandong Business Daily yesterday that the company's export tires to Mexico "are mostly divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact testing machine, digital display impact testing machine, microcomputer controlled impact testing machine, drop hammer impact testing machine and non-metallic impact testing machine from the impact testing machine exported to the United States", although the share cannot be compared with that of the United States, However, it is relatively stable and has a large plastic deformation at the thinnest place. Once the anti-dumping investigation is filed, it cannot be said that it has no impact on the enterprise at all

Zhang Hongmin also suggested that relevant tire enterprises should actively prepare for the lawsuit in advance

the Provincial Rubber Industry Association predicts that Mexico is likely to launch an anti-dumping investigation on tire export enterprises in our province this time. But Zhang Hongmin also said, "the association has lobbied through the agents and dealers of enterprises in the province in Mexico to try not to let the Mexican Ministry of economy file a case. Once the case is filed, our enterprise will be passive."

the dilemma of the post "special protection case" era

it is only half a year since the suspension of the special tariff of the "special protection case" of tires exported to the United States. A paper application from relevant Mexican enterprises seems to put more psychological pressure on Shandong enterprises

since September 2009, the United States has imposed a "punitive tariff" on the tires of passenger cars and light trucks imported from China to the United States. The specific collection method is 35% in the first year, 30% in the second year, and 25% in the third year, while the previous tariff level was generally not more than 5%

affected by this, Shandong related enterprises were forced to shrink in the United States. According to the data previously provided by Zhang Hongmin, Shandong's tire exports to the United States fell by 25% in 2010. "Before the special safeguard case, we exported more than 2 million products to the U.S. market every year. After the special safeguard case, we tried every means, including increasing investment in the United States, but now it still can't reach the level before the special safeguard case." Yue Zhongqiao said

in fact, the threat of polymer mortar for exterior wall insulation of Shandong tire industry 310 is not limited to the United States and Mexico. Strict laws and regulations and technical barriers in the European Union and other regions are also bringing increasing pressure. The EU tire labeling regulations will be implemented in November 2012. Car tires, light truck tires, truck tires and bus tires sold in the EU must be labeled to indicate the fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip of the tires. If you want to meet these standards and exceed these barriers, enterprises are bound to increase production costs and testing costs, and it is more difficult to export

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