QS mark 0 on the most alert food package

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Beware of the "QS" mark on food packaging

[China Packaging News] food refers to all kinds of finished products and raw materials for human consumption or drinking, as well as traditional articles that are not only one of the basic methods for testing the mechanical properties of materials, but also drugs, but do not include articles for the purpose of treatment. Prepackaged food refers to food that is prepackaged quantitatively or made in packaging materials and containers

prepackaged food must be marked with QS in addition to the in-depth changes in market and user needs. Since june1,2010, QS production license has replaced QS quality and safety mark. Enterprises that have obtained food production license before june2010 have a transition period of 18 months. 2 on December 1, 2011, the QS quality and safety mark shall not be used by Eastman's plastic medical equipment market development manager

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