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In the hot summer, it is the peak season for cold drink sales. However, some cold drink manufacturers are not happy this year. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China recently issued an announcement on implementing QS certification in the cold drink industry. From July 1, cold drink enterprises that fail to pass the certification must stop production. This national mandatory standard was introduced into the cold drink industry for the first time, causing an "earthquake" in the industry. Nanjing cold drink enterprises are facing a new round of reshuffle

new and old packaged cold drinks are sold in supermarkets

although it is still more than ten days before the implementation of the new standard, in some supermarkets and stores in Nanjing, it is found that the blue and white QS certification marks have appeared on the outer packaging of cold drinks of Mengniu, Nestle and other brands. According to incomplete statistics, less than half of the ice cream sold at street cold drink stalls were labeled with QS certification

an interesting phenomenon was found in the freezer of a hypermarket on Longpan road. Cold drinks of the same brand were sold together with old packages without QS logo and new packages with QS logo. The sales promotion lady of a certain brand said that the manufacturer has stopped delivering goods with old packaging, and now all the goods are new packaging. The turnover cycle of cold drinks is very short. There should be no problem selling old products without QS logo before July 1

the new standard has raised the threshold of the cold drink industry.

zhouxiaomei, Secretary General of the Municipal Food Industry Association, introduced that the implementation of QS logo has raised the access threshold of the cold drink industry. In the detailed rules, the environment of the production workshop is often noisy. There is a hard target that requires that the cold storage of the products of the production enterprise must be below minus 20 degrees Celsius, and the construction of such a cold storage needs at least more than 5million yuan. At present, there are only more than 180 ice cream production enterprises with annual sales of more than 5million yuan, accounting for only 10% of all enterprises. For many enterprises with annual sales of less than 5million yuan, only one cold storage is a difficult threshold to cross

according to the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, there are 6 cold drink enterprises in Nanjing, including 5 with Matou brand, which have passed the QS certification, but the old brand Xiongshi cold drink has failed

just the "regular army", regardless of the "guerrillas"

according to insiders, QS certification is only for formed ice cream brands, while bulk ice cream sold in fast food restaurants and cold drink restaurants does not belong to the scope of QS certification. Like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut and a large number of roadside homemade bulk ice cream do not need QS certification

why is there such a situation that only the "regular army" and no "guerrillas" are involved? According to professionals, McDonald's, KFC and other cold drink products are part of the catering industry. Just like cooking, they are part of their products. Haagen Dazs' products are all imported from abroad, so the inspection department is the import and export quarantine department. The QS system mainly faces food enterprises produced in China. Therefore, Haagen Dazs' products do not need to be labeled with QS

the cold drink market will be more standardized

from July 1, the municipal quality supervision department will carry out special law enforcement inspection on the cold drink industry in Nanjing, and will order unlicensed enterprises and products to stop production and sales according to law. Liuxuehong, director of the supervision office of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said that obtaining the QS mark only indicates that the food enterprise has obtained a market pass at a certain stage. The certified enterprise must ensure that the food quality is safe in every link, otherwise, the quality supervision department will still deal with it seriously in accordance with relevant laws

qs certification will make the cold drink market more standardized. Professor liquangen of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics said that the sales of cold drinks increased sharply in summer, and many low-quality cold drinks took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. Especially in less developed areas, some small workshops illegally added preservatives, colorants and sodium cyclamate to their products, endangering the health of consumers. The cold drink products were included in the market access category, raising the threshold, and some small enterprises will be eliminated. This is a good thing for consumers. Citizens should recognize the QS logo when eating cold drinks


what is QS certification

qs is the English abbreviation of food "QualitySafety", that is, the food quality and safety market access system. The system mainly includes three aspects: first, the production enterprise must go through the examination of basic production conditions and have the qualification conditions for the production of the product. Second, the products must meet the requirements of national standards, laws and regulations, and be qualified after inspection. Third, when qualified products are sold in the market, they must have QS marks. Since january1,2004, China has first implemented the food quality and safety market access system in five food industries: rice, edible vegetable oil, wheat flour, soy sauce and vinegar. From July 1 this year, cold drinks and meat will position new chemical materials as the focus of petrochemical industry development in Anqing city; In 2013, the second batch of ten categories of food that implemented the market access system, such as food, dairy products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, canned food, quick frozen rice food in bulk, puffed food, could not be sold without QS mark. In addition, 13 kinds of food, including tea, pickled products, fried food (10) the sample blank taken from the steel plate and flat steel with a thickness of less than or equal to 25 mm shall be processed into rectangular tensile samples preserving the original surface layer, cocoa products, candied fruit, roasted coffee, egg products, aquatic products, starch and starch products, candy products, beer, yellow rice wine, wine and other production enterprises have also begun to apply for licenses. (lvningfeng, Qin Xiaohao)

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