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Shanxi: QS mark is still rarely seen on plastic packaging for food.

plastic packaging for food, containers and other products have implemented the market access system, but the reality is not optimistic.

at present, only one relevant production enterprise in Shanxi Province has passed the audit. In life, the utilization rate of these plastic products containing food is very high. They need to use reasonable materials. In July last year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) issued regulations that food packaging products must be subject to market access, requiring that after the end of August this year, only those with QS signs can be sold. However, today's interview found that in the provincial capital market, it is difficult to find QS logo on plastic products such as fresh-keeping films, fresh-keeping bags, plastic water cups, plastic milk bottles, etc. According to the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, up to now, only one plastic product enterprise in Shanxi Province has passed the national audit and obtained the QS mark

Ms. Wang, a resident of Taiyuan, often packs meals home from restaurants and mentions the harm of plastic products to human body. Ms. Wang is very helpless: although she knows that using these things to pack food is bad for her health, she has no other choice

during the visit, it was found that in most snack stalls, market markets and supermarkets, cooked food, steamed bread, sausage jelly and other foods were directly sold in plastic bags. We learned from a jelly vendor that these plastic bags are wholesale from the small commodity market. You can buy 150 of them for the one yuan fastener bolt inspection standard

among the similar commodities sold in the major supermarkets in the provincial capital, there are few QS marks. In a large supermarket on Wuyi Road, we looked at milk bottles, plastic water cups, plastic lunch boxes, etc. one by one, and found the QS logo on only one brand of fresh-keeping film

experts from Taiyuan Institute of quality and technology supervision, inspection and testing and Taiyuan plastic product testing station said that at present, plastic bags, water cups, milk bottles and other products produced by some small manufacturers in the market are mostly processed with waste plastic products, and the toxic and harmful substances to human body ensure that they can be safely self-locking and cannot be removed when the hydraulic pipeline bursts accidentally. Under high temperature, high pressure or contact with grease, these toxic and harmful substances will migrate to food. The State implements the QS market access system for plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food, which is equivalent to adding an insurance for food safety

according to the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, since the audit is conducted by the national quality inspection department, the auditors must personally inspect the applicant enterprises. There are many enterprises and the workload is heavy. Therefore, the investigation period originally scheduled to start at the end of August this year was postponed to the end of this year. At present, the modified polypropylene materials for decoration in Sichuan Province have been widely used. Fourorfive plastic products enterprises have applied for approval, accounting for about 20% of all enterprises. Up to now, only one enterprise in Yuncheng has passed the audit. (longyanping)

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