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Quality assurance of bar code printing of books and periodicals it takes about 30 hours to print. In 1991, China joined the international article coding organization and began to promote the use of bar code technology in books and periodicals in 1993. So far, 99.5% of books and periodicals have used bar codes, but the qualified rate of bar code printing quality is only 97%, which has a great impact on the computer management of bar code scanning in bookstores. There are four main reasons for the unqualified printing quality of books and periodicals bar codes:

1. The color matching of bar and space is improper.

because bar codes are read through the different reflectivity of light shining on the bar and space, most of the light sources of bar code scanning equipment are red light, so the bar codes of white space and black strip are the easiest to read. In order to reduce the printing cost, some books and periodicals only print one color on the cover: red, yellow or orange, so the bar code is also printed as what he said is the control of all material parameters: red bar on white background, yellow bar on white background and orange bar on white background, so that the red light of the scanning equipment irradiates the bar and the air with almost the same reflectivity, which makes it impossible to read under heavy load; Some book cover designers do not understand the reading principle of bar code. They print black bar code on the cover of dark blue, dark green and dark brown, or print the bar code on the place with pictures and texts on the cover, so that the printing contrast (PCS value) of bar code is very small, and the scanning instrument cannot read it. In this case, as long as part of the background color of the barcode printed on the cover is hollowed out to white during plate making, and then the black barcode is printed, the barcode reading can be guaranteed

in order to ensure the printing quality of bar code, the color of bar code shall be black, dark blue, dark green and brown, and the color of empty bar shall be white, red, yellow and orange. These 16 combinations are the best choice. To understand the absorption and reflection of light, the color of the strip must be able to absorb red light, so that the reflectivity of the strip is low; The empty color must reflect red light to make the empty reflectivity higher. The maximum value of bar reflectance shall not exceed 25%, the minimum value of empty reflectance shall not be less than 96%, and the bar code printing contrast (PCS value) shall be 67%-98%, so that the bar code scanning instrument can correctly read

II. Arbitrary scaling of bar code size

due to the small size (64) or too many pictures and texts on the cover, some books and periodicals do not have enough space to place the bar code, so they arbitrarily reduce the bar code size, resulting in too small space or too thin bar, which makes the scanning instrument unable to read. Therefore, when it is necessary to reduce the bar code, the administrative department of book bar code must use special equipment to make the reduction code, which can only be reduced to 80% of the conventional bar code

III. making bar code films by oneself

some books and periodicals bar code films are lost, so they make a bar code by themselves or copy the bar code on the original books and periodicals, and then take it to plate making. This practice is not allowed. The self-made bar code film or the copied bar code itself is unqualified, so the book bar code produced by plate making and printing is certainly unqualified. If the bar code film is lost, you must apply to the bar code administrative department of books and periodicals for making bar code film again

IV. improper selection of paper, ink and equipment for printing

the bar and space gap of bar code are very small. If the paper, ink and equipment for printing are improperly selected, it is easy to paste the plate during printing. The bar becomes thicker and the space becomes thinner. When the bar width deviation exceeds ± 30%, the scanning instrument cannot read it. Therefore, offset printing is the best choice for the bar code printing of books and periodicals. The paper with less paper wool, such as coated paper and offset paper, should not be too soft when printing. The fluidity of the ink should be moderate to ensure that the version is not pasted. Bar code printing shall ensure that the bar space is clear, the size is accurate, and the bar width deviation and printing contrast are within the specified range, so as to become a qualified product for bar code printing of books and periodicals

the application of bar code scanning technology to realize microcomputer automatic management is the current trend and hot spot in the international book industry in pursuit of management modernization. With the increasing number of "scanning Bookstores" in China, the qualified rate of bar code printing quality of books and periodicals will affect the process of implementing computer management in China's publishing industry. It is particularly important for the cover designers, producers and managers of printing plants of publishing units to be familiar with and master the reading principle and quality assurance of bar codes. As a new thing, the bar code technology of books and periodicals will develop healthily and rapidly with the joint efforts of the publishing colleagues

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