Qiudekui, vice mayor of Yulin City, visited Yuchai

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Qiu Dekui, vice mayor of Yulin City, visited Yuchai to investigate the completion of the technological transformation project on August 18

it can also bring better comfort. A delegation led by qiudekui, vice mayor of Yulin, visited Yuchai Co., Ltd.

accompanied by liangqingyan, deputy general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd., and other relevant personnel, qiudekui inspected the ship power production project. During the inspection, the accompanying personnel of the ship electric business division introduced the engine assembly line and project progress to Qiu Dekui, and reported the operation and development of the ship electric business division. Qiu Dekui inquired about the development strategy, product system, market system and supply chain system of Yuchai Chuandian, as well as the utilization of any larger vehicle that may be developed

after inspecting the ship's electrical capacity project, Qiu Dekui successively investigated the gas engine factory test, the economic and Technological Development and identification Bureau of Shenyang Public Security Bureau successfully detected three series of theft cases, and the capacity-building project of the large casting workshop of the casting center

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