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In home decoration, some places are very expensive, so which places are very expensive? We know where the decoration costs money, so we can decorate these places. Now let's learn about it

cost money 1. Hardware

1. Choose the door lock: the door lock looks a lot, and it will be dazzling after a while. In short, the lock in the supermarket is basically about 100 yuan, which is not cheap. The door lock of the building materials city is much cheaper. You can buy a very beautiful and practical one for 70 or 80 yuan

2. Choose hinges: generally, doors are equipped with 2 hinges. If you want to be more durable, you can consider 3 hinges for one door. Generally 18-24 yuan/each

3. Choose door stopper: this little thing doesn't look impressive, but it's very practical for home. It can avoid the door hitting the wall all the time. Generally, it is about 10 yuan (mainly to protect the wall)

4. Choose floor drains: floor drains are common, special for washing machines, and deep deodorization. The price is generally about 20-30 yuan

5. Choose the faucet: now many people like to use the basin on the stage, and the effect is very good, but when buying the faucet, you must consider the height of the basin, so as to avoid the insufficient height of the faucet

6. Others: the simplest way to buy hardware is to buy one with heavy feel at the same price. Moreover, if you press the faucet several times, it is not easy to leave fingerprints, that is, the coating is better

expensive second, hydropower

water circuit transformation is the most critical in decoration, but for ordinary companies, this is also the most important profit point. Therefore, when designing, we should strictly control the budget. Generally, decoration companies will refuse to provide you with the budget for water circuit reconstruction on the grounds that the water circuit reconstruction should be based on the actual data on site and it is difficult to estimate before the construction. As a result, when the owner checks out, he often finds himself paying nearly threeorfour yuan more

countermeasures: before signing the decoration contract, the designer is required to show the water circuit transformation drawings, and strictly calculate the possible quantities of the following items according to the drawings: including telephone lines, power sockets, switch panels, waterways, cable TV lines, network cables, and calculate the reasonable costs, so as to avoid the excessive cost of additional items

new house decoration: the waterway reconstruction is about 1500-2000 yuan, which is a normal value, because when designing the new house, the general lines have been arranged reasonably, and there is no need to make major changes. The general owners need to change, that is, simple waterways, network lines, and telephone lines

old house decoration: old houses generally only ensure the most basic circuit and waterway design, so it is not convenient to use, so generally, the decoration of old houses costs more than that of new houses. The specific amount really depends on the actual situation

find the construction team to change the water circuit: professional companies to change the water circuit should be the cheapest. For a 2-bedroom new house, 1000 yuan can almost be changed

expensive III. curtains

the choice of home decoration curtains is also a very expensive thing. Although curtains look very simple, they also involve a lot, basically in the choice, from color to shape, and then to quality. We choose curtains, so we should make a budget carefully





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