Put aside party politics ... indyref2 will be soon

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Put aside party politics .The Toronto Police Services Board... indyref2 will be sooner than many think - Today News Post Today News || UK News

THE Yes movement is massiveThe brink. Massive election rallies organized b, certainly many multiples of times bigger than the social media Yes bubble. However, in that Yes bubble, the ability to reach the undecided has disappeared and internalised arguments dominate, particularly on Facebook.

Many in the Yes movement admit to feeling worn down by the political infighting, pointless negativity and division and it must stop. The movement is in danger of losing heart, just when we need to re-ignite our campaign and get ready for indyref2. Lockdown has meant social media has become the main way the Yes movement communicates, and that’s a problem as social media is designed to create arguments in empty rooms.

I understand the splits between the SNP, Alba and the Greens on many issues. I get that tempers are frayed and that egos have been challenged and long-held loyalties severely tested. I just don’t care. I am campaigning for Scottish independence, not for a political party nor for a political personalityIn an indication of how unprecedente. I am not a member of any party, and I am almost certain that the political party I will vote for in an independent Scotland doesn’t exist yet.

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